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Alaska Water Conditioning is the official website of Alaska Water Conditioning! Our drinking water comes from Alaska's great Eklutna Glacier and has a naturally high pH value. Alaska Utility Services provides administration and customer service for Golden Heart and College Utilities in Fairbanks Alaska. Nearly all public water systems worldwide, including here in Alaska, are treated with chlorine and injected with fluoride.

Our Service

Please contact us for help with water filtering equipment. Wherever you need them, our specialists provide amazing business and private service. In our large range of water treatment you will find the right water treatment for your needs. Being Alaska' s leading water resource and service provider, we ensure that everything is to your bid.

We are looking forward to satisfying our private and business clients, especially with our great offers. For more information about our five-star water service and water service product offerings, please feel free to email us today.

Top-quality drinking water

Join us for a refreshing dip, 10,000 years in the making. Originating from the Eklutna Gletscher in Alaska, our filled glacial water has an extraordinary flavour and a natural high pH - for total power and goodness. Take Alaska home with water like no other. Join us for a refreshing dip, 10,000 years in the making. Our premier drinkable water comes from Alaska's great Eklutna Valley and has an extraordinary flavor and natural high pH - for sheer power and well being.

Take Alaska home with water like no other.


Solve your water problem! Hopefully you will give us the opportunity to work on your water issues for you. Our focus is on "old-fashioned" services, where the client is handled as before, but with all the latest technology. From Barrow to Sitka and everywhere in between, we are very familiar with Alaska's water resources.

Anchorage town water, well water and secluded staterooms with raw water resources such as streams and lagoons are available. Give us a water test for your free water test and let us get going. Hopefully you will let us work on your water!

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In your opinion, what is the water surface area of the United States? In your opinion, what is the water coverage of your federal state? What state has the highest share of the water surface? In the following chart you can see the entire surface area of each state. The water area computations in this chart refer only to multi-annual water.

For all other water types (intermittent, glacial and swamp/sump) this chart is used as part of the terrestrial area calculation. This water area information represents the total of freshwater and coastwater areas and the Great Lakes. Well, the origin of this information is the U.S. Census Bureau, Geography:

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