Flying in my Taxi

Fly by taxi

I' m flying in my cab. Take tips and get stoned. I' m going so high when I'm a stonedWriter/s: HARRY F. CHAPIN Publisher: Here she behaves happily in her beautiful home. Here she behaves happily in her beautiful home.

Texts for single persons by Harry Chapin

"but she said, "I'm sure you're wrong," and she said, "How are you, Harry?" "Harry, keep the change." So what did the children say when they knew it was their long gone daddy-o? When you get home, dad, you know we're gonna have a good time," I have a busy time," he said, "That's okay," "You know I'm gonna be like him," "When you get home, dad?"

Son, I'm proud of you, can you just take a seat for a while?" Until later, can I have them please" "When you come home, son" "You know we'll have a good period then", I said, "I'd love to see you if you don't mind" "It was really good to talk to you" "When you come home, son?" "When you come home, son?" "When you come home, son?

Then we' ll have a good time."

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Former friend of Harry Chapin's and allegedly the source of much of the music for his tracks "Taxi" and "Sequel", Clare Alden MacIntyre-Ross passed away on March 9, 2016 from a heart attack in Falls Church, Virginia..... Here are some arcane little things: On May 31, 1907, the first New York City taxi was put into operation and became the first taxi in the U.S. And exactly 65 years later, on May 31, 1972, Harry Chapin's "Taxi" was number 24 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 map.....

Harry Chapin staged "Taxi" in the ABC TV show "American Bandstand" on August 19, 1972..... On March 5, 1972, five month before, she got into the Hot Top 100 charts of Billboard at #100; and on May 28, 1972, she reached her peak of #24 {for 2 weeks} and stayed 16 week on the Top 100.....

On the same bandstand date, he played in the NBC TV feature "The Midnight Special" and played the track..... He had seven Top-100 albums between 1972 and 1980; his greatest success was "Cat's In the Cradle", he achieved place 1 {for 1 week} on December 15th, 1974.....

1980 "Sequel" reached a top position on place 23 of the Top 100.....

He said that if he wasn't a successful academician, he wouldn't be a successful academician at anything. As Harry said, "I gave away $4 million to charities last year and I still had to tax the other $7 million that I kept.

Also commenting on what a good choice it was to quit the Academy as he was in the 64 year old category - they were losing many drivers in Vietnam. A further track about his live at "the Zoo" (AF Academy) is "Changes" on the Short Stories record. I wonder if Chapin knew that when he was writing the tune?

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