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Would you like to rent or charter a private jet to and from Beacon, USA? Okay, all-you-can-fly Club Beacon's gonna collapse. Wade Eyerly's attempt to launch a similar all-you-can member flight carrier, called Beacon, in the Northeast has failed. Following its launch last summers, Beacon closed at the end of January, co-founder and former CFO Cory Cozzens said to participants at the recent NBAA airplane registry, financial and rights event in Boca Raton, Fla.

As Surf Air, the carrier has levied a $1,750 per month charge to allow members unrestricted flight availability. Beacon, however, had operated regular services with a combined PC-12 and King Air 350 fleets only between New York and Boston, a stretch of which Rollie Vincent, a senior executive vice president, said is already well satisfied with low-cost, high-speed and air traffic.

Beacon' s plan to include Hamptons and Nantucket flight on weekend has not been fulfilled. Romulus CAPITAL from Boston spearheaded the first round of Beacon fund-raising last year. We do not know how much money he invested and whether the shortage of funds caused the sinking of Beacon. Cozzens or the company's third co-founder, Reed Farnsworth, could not contact AIN to make further comments.

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commercially operated airplanes. Besides, it's handy. Often the charterer can organize special service such as e.g. floor transport oratering. What is the typical preference of travellers to hire personal aircraft? It is probably the main factor that allows travellers to determine their own route. No longer do you have to depend on airline companies to tell you when to go and when not to go.

In addition, this type of airport landing facility allows you to arrive at an airport where non airline companies are permitted to fly. And one of the many advantages of travelling with a privately owned airline is your intimacy. That makes it much simpler to unwind privately or talk about relevant issues, whether professional or intimate.

In addition, privately chartered flights can be an inexpensive way to travel, especially if you are travelling in a group. Eighteen or fewer seats can be provided on most personal aircraft, and if the costs are evenly distributed among the travelers, the total amount is often significantly lower or the same as what you would pay for a business outing.

When you make many stopovers on your route, renting a personal jets can help you reduce your hotels and parkings.

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