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The airlines provide free stops in astonishing towns and villages....

However, make a break a break a break, and all of a sudden you enjoy an exhilarating detour, with an additional goal, quite free! Here is a listing of the airline companies that allow you to make free detours on your way to your ultimate goal, some of which will even take care of your bill for your accommodation!

With an ingenious stoppingover programme, Air Canada allows you to enjoy a single overnight or longer flight in Montréal, Toronto or Vancouver at no extra cost, and many Air Canada fares come with a free overnight stop in a beautiful resort city. And to make things even more tempting, on the way out you can drive through one city and on the way back through another, so you can see two of Canada's top attractions in just one detour!

Thanks to the Qatar+ stopover programme, you can have a free overnight accommodation in a guesthouse and visit the city of Doha if you fly with Qatar Airways. Citizens of 80 different nations can take full advantage of Qatar's visa-free travel, making it simple to share your journey with a relaxed seaside city sojourn.

There are many great stops in the programme that will help you more than just spend your free moments! Finnair's superb stop-over programme allows you to spend between 5 and 5 nights in Helsinki at no extra cost. With Emirates being your best flying choice, there's a good chance you'll be joining up in Dubai, so why not use your simple stoppingover programme to enjoy the vibrant ambience, great shops and bright sands?

Now you can use both Icelandair and WOW My programmes to discover the beautiful land and connect with your ultimate goal. With Icelandair's recent $263 round-trip flight from San Francisco to London, and with up to three day stops at no extra charge, this can be an great way to see geysers, ice caps, vulcanoes and much more.

Regardless of which aircraft you travel in, Etihad offers some very valuable stopovers for your Abu Dhabi journey. You get a reduction on your first visit if you travel an Economy flight - and if you decide to spend two days, the second day is on the cottage! Those fortunate enough to travel within our top flight will get one free overnight stop at a 5-star resort and first-come, first-served travellers will be able to spend two free nights.

If you choose The Residence, you not only get one flat in the skies, but also two free overnight stays at the luxurious Emirates Palace in the Khaleej Suite. When you fly Singapore Airlines through Singapore, you should definitely take a look at the airline's smart layover itinerary.

From S$45, you can get unbelievable value from these stopovers, which includes an overnight stop at the resort, free SIA Hop-on coach trips and free entry to many of the great sights Singapore has to boast. The next long trip around the globe, think about separating things and add a funny stop to your route.

Transform your European journey into a 2 for 1 journey by making a short stop in Lisbon or Porto, with up to five overnight stays at no extra cost. As well as offering hotel deals and great rates for attraction and adventure, our hotel and tour operator will help you make the most of your stay in these exciting towns.

Did you take advantages of airlines stoppingover programmes?

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