Air Tickets to Malaysia from Sri Lanka

Flight tickets to Malaysia from Sri Lanka

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Discount flights from Sri Lanka, Colombo (CMB) to Malaysia (MY)

Combining a contemporary and constantly evolving land, Malaysia's variety is truly inviting. You can experience the wonderful sand shores, rainforest, exciting shops and a range of delicious kitchens during your Malaysia vacation. As the only on-line airline that provides the cheapest fares in the Malaysia market for Malaysia travel, this is a warranty!

Lumpur Kuala - the place to live! The Kuala Lumpur or KL, as it is generally known, is a mixed culture where you can enjoy a mixture of China, Malaysia and India. KL's most advanced capital city boasts some of the country's most important heritage sites, a number of museums, a number of museums and museums, great shops, a wide range of restaurants and the chance to see animals within an hour's car ride.

Take a plane to Kuala Lumpur for your next vacation. The Ean Houe Tempel - A six-storey and decorated sanctuary that can be regarded as the most optically stunning in the state. It is one of the most important places to go, especially during the Chinese New Year.

The Bangsar Village I and II - These are sister cities that offer brand names from the world' s largest designer and many Malaysia brand names. Only 13 km from KL you arrive at one of the geographic peculiarities of Malaysia. Batu Caves are constructed of calcareous stone and are a holy place for Hindu's in Malaysia.

Longkawi is also another beloved coastline peninsula to be visited in Malaysia. One of Langkawi's highlights is its sandy beach, but if you are a cultural enthusiast there is something for you on this wonderful isle. Penang is the perfect place for you if you are a grocer.

Georgetown in Penang has a powerful Mandarin presence and you have the opportunity to sample exceptional meals and enjoy hikes and other delicacies while you are there. When you visit Penang, you can make a game drive in Penang National Reserve, stroll through the botanic garden, stop at various places of worship such as the Snake Temple, Kek Lok Si Temple and Wat Buppharam.

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