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Mount Prospect, Illinois. Recently my wife took an American taxi from ORD to Crystal Lake and back and was very pleased with the service. Taxicab now taxi later by American Taxi Dispatch, Inc. The American Blue Private Car Service offers private flat rate travel to and from the airports and Chicago, as well as local travel.

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I' m descending Central Road at Mount Prospect today. I was in the right hand side while I was in the right hand side one. A small SUV turned into the WeGo trailer and the taxi operator chose not to do it. He' ll cross into my track and cut me off.

Finally I had to step on the brake to not hit the taxi. After telling him that I would call the number on the side of his taxi, he resolved to turn off onto Busse Rd. on the right. Well, I suppose to prevent me from seeing the number. Sadly my vehicle is fitted with dash cams for the drivers, which followed the whole race.

I' ve sent an e-mail to the Taxi Company expecting an excuse from the chauffeur.

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As I didn't get a taxi number, I phoned her station - twice - and got caught in a ribbon that said they were trying to assign a taxi number. Eventually I was informed in an SMS that a taxi was on its way. As it is only about a kilometer from the mobile phone ticket to the Terminal 3, I was expecting a drive within 15min.

And as that period passed, I phoned the rider who said he was on his way. Ten more moments later, I phoned back and he said he was getting there. He said a third times that he was in 3 but took another 10mins. Once I got the taxi, I ordered - after I had stood at 15 degrees in the bright cloak - the chauffeur wanted to know how to get home to me.

It was a pathetic and challenging overall one. He said to me that there were only a few taxis on the northern side and that they were secured that evening. As I was not the only one who had trouble with American Taxi that evening, I assume they have some unsolved unfortunate issues.

Unless I have no other alternative, I will not use this feature anymore.

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