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Taxis in Fairbanks Alaska

owned and operated locally by Fairbanks Taxi Services, LLC. We' re staying at the Alaska Heritage House. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Alaska Cab in Fairbanks, AK. It is Alaska's second largest city and the largest inland. Cab fares in Fairbanks, AK, United States.

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Taxicab service all over Alaska: Fill out this order sheet and we will give you a phone call to confirm and send you a taxicab immediately, anywhere in Alaska! Your taxidriver will help you with any specific needs, help you get in and out and await you until you have completed your date or purchase in Alaska.

You could make an estimated 500 taxis throughout Alaska for what you will end up buying for only one MUI. You will be called back immediately by our dispatchers to reconfirm your stop in Alaska.

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Stunning views, the wild, snow-capped summits, rich fauna and northern lights. This full days polar circle trip takes you on the Dalton Highway and shows the Yukon River, Finger Mountain, Arctic Circle Sign. Our knowledgeable guide will help you discover game, find out more about North Alaska and possibly see the Northern Lights (we cannot promise that).

Drive into the Alaska hinterland on the Dalton Highway View game ( elk, caribou, elk, snow shoe rabbit), mountains, with a qualified tour leader. The Arctic Circle certificate and lightweight refreshments are inclusive!

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