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Check-in at Jet Airways

login credentials Passengers may book their flights at any given moment between 48 and 2 hrs before the planned date of arrival. There are several check-in possibilities to easily register online, use our portable application or just go to the airports and register at our self-service checkpoints. Our guest can also use our alternative check-in option.

Arrival at the airports check-in desks is about 120 min before your flight depart. At least 60 min before your flight departs, please make sure you arrive at the international airports. Visitors arriving at Jammu, Leh or Srinagar airports are asked to arrive at least 120 min in advance due to extra precaution.

It is recommended that passengers traveling in groups (10 or more persons) should arrive at the terminal at least 90 min before scheduled departures. Date and hour at which the check-in counter(s) is (are) closed: Visitors traveling with checked luggage must present their luggage together with a current photograph ID at the airline check-in desk in good time prior to embarkation.

Passengers who do not present themselves at the check-in desk at least 50 min before take-off will be discharged from the aircraft and their places will be reserved for stand-by passengers. Arrival check-in desks at the airports are open approximately 180 min before your scheduled depart. It is recommended that passengers traveling in groups (10 or more persons) should arrive at the terminal at least 120 min before take-off.

Passengers check-in desks are closed 60 min before take-off. Passengers who have not checked in at the airports 60 min before take-off will be discharged from the flights and their places will be reserved for stand-by passengers. Passengers should be aware that check-in desks at Dubai International are closed 75 min away from your scheduled flights.

Passengers who do not report to the aerodrome 75 min before take-off will be discharged from the aircraft and their places will be reserved for stand-by passengers. Piers are closing 25 min before takeoff. Passengers who report to the gatehouse less than 25 min before take-off will not be permitted to embark on their flights and will be responsible for pier dues.

In the case of overseas departures, passengers must pick up their luggage and leave customs at the first point of arrival. Visitors who have been check-in at one of our non-Indian airlines must check in their luggage at the airport check-in counter. Luggage tagging is obligatory for passengers leaving Jammu, Leh and Srinagar before embarking.

Please note: We can no longer accept check-in passengers who arrive at check-in counters after the specified closing times. These services allow our clients to book their favourite place. However, passengers must pick up their Boarding Card at the Airports check-in desk. Première, JetPrivilege Platinum, Gold and Silver members can telecheck in between 48 hrs and 60 hrs before depart.

Make sure you pick up your flight card at least 50 min before your scheduled flights, otherwise your seating preference will be open to other people. Airport check-in desks are closed 45 min before take-off and gate doors are closed 25 min before take-off.

Première passengers, First Class and JetPrivilege Platinum, Gold and Silver members can register between 48 and 4 hrs before scheduled flights. Passengers checking in by telefax must present themselves at the desk at the airports check-in desk to pick up their boarding passes at least 60 min before scheduled flights depart. JetPrivilege Platinum and Gold members in the UK have a tele-check-in function at their disposal.

Visitors traveling on Bengaluru and Hyderabad airports can now use Express Check-in, the quickest way to register for their journey. Single check-in for both services. Passengers on round-trip or connecting services within 24 h of scheduled departures are eligible for this facility. If, for example, you travel from Mumbai to Delhi and arrive the same morning, you can pick up your repatriation card at Mumbai International Airports when you arrive.

It is also possible to have your repatriation or continuation card drawn up if you wish to travel back or continue on the same date. Visitors with checked luggage on their way back may also take advantage of this option, but must hand in their checked luggage at our check-in desks/luggage banners at the airports.

Remember that we do not allow returns check-in for foreign sector. From August 30, 2018, passengers on all Bahrain and Abu Dhabi services, except Bahrain and Abu Dhabi services, will be able to use discrete check-in ticketing on all their national and internationals services if the flight is less than 24hrs. That means your embarkation cards and luggage labels are handed out at the first check-in point to your point of arrival.

Visitors traveling on both national and internation flight can make their check-in at the above city. CISF carries out all luggage checks and DMRC straps them. Excessive and breakable luggage will not be acceptable at the subway stop. Luggage will be shipped by DMRC / DIAL to the destination airports.

A special check-in desk will be available at the underground stop. Checking in desks will operate at Shivaji Stadium subway stations from 1200 to 2000 and New Delhi subway stations from 0600 to 2100. Subway check-in will be available between 12 and 2 hour points in advance of your scheduled arrival.

For national and trans-national travel, passengers cannot arrive at the terminal until 6 hrs before take-off. Visitors can pick up their embarkation card and their luggage at the subway stop. It takes about 19 min. from the New Delhi subway stop to the New Delhi area. Departures from the airports are about 10 walking min from the underground stations.

Visitors traveling from Mumbai and Delhi to Hong Kong and on to Macau can have their luggage screened through to Macau. It is also suitable for those traveling from Macau to Mumbai and Delhi. You will then get your Turbojet / Cotaijet Ferry Boarding Pass from the time of entering Hong Kong with your luggage through the check-in to Mumbai or Delhi.

Once the passenger has collected their Boarding Card, they must clear the checkpoint and board the interterminal trains to the gate of embarkation. Visitors can then easily go to their own piers. Passengers using ferries from/to Macau (MFM / YFT) and Nansha (NSZ) to the City Central Terminal in Hong Kong are not eligible.

Luggage will not be accepted in case of overweight. In Mumbai / Delhi the guest must present their Turbojet / Cotaijet Fährnummer for the Durchkennzeichnung from pockets to Macau. There is no obligation to buy a boat pass. Visitors must make the Turbojet / Cotaijet Remote Number available to our check-in agents in Mumbai or Delhi (e.g. 8S-25, which is the two-letter Turbojet / Cotaijet code).

Visitors must inform our check-in personnel of the Turbojet / Cotaijet vessel identification number to make sure their pockets are marked all the way to Macau (MFM). Visitors can easily check-in at the Turbojet / Cotaijet check-in desks in Terminal 1, E2 transfers, and present their luggage number to Turbojet / Cotaijet ticket office personnel.

Once they have checked in, passengers must take the inter-terminal rail service to the Flughafenferry Terminal. Trains arrive every 3 min and take about 2 min to get to the airfield via the airfield near the International Airports Centre. When arriving in Macau, visitors must approve immigration and pick up their luggage. Passengers traveling by boat to Hong Kong International Hong Kong International Hong Kong International Hong Kong International Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac Fuyong Fuy. Sheing flights

Passengers will take their bags through check-in and get their own embarkation card at the embarkation point. You can now have your bags serviced at City Terminals or ADNEC and your flight card received 4 - 24 hrs before your flight depart. Just go ahead and go ahead and get checked in: We are pleased to announce the start of our check-in services at the Abu Dhabi City Airport at King Farad International Airport (KFIA) in Dammam City.

Once checked in at the terminal, passengers can go directly to safety checkpoints and board their flights at King Falad International Airport (KFIA). Situated next to the SAPTCO bus station in Dammam city, the terminal operates every day between 8.00 am and 10.00 pm. Besides the equipment with 4 check-in desks and an air-conditioned departure lounge, passengers can pack their check-in bags in safe wrap for an extra charge and settle surplus bags directly at the terminal.

Visitors who wish to post extra baggage at the City Terminal after check-in can do so at the Frankfurt International Airports. Offering added comfort and comfort, this latest addition to our range of services improves the travelling experiences of our customers who fly from Dammam.

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