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The Fastjet flies internationally from Tanzania to Johannesburg, Lusaka, Harare, Entebbe and Nairobi. Fast-Jet | Book our flights online & save Fast-Jet Plc is an Africa low-cost carrier headquartered in Tanzania. Fast-Jet currently serves 5 Tanzanian destinations from Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Kilimanjaro, Mbeya, Zanzibar and South Africa. Fast-Jet is flying international from Tanzania to Johannesburg, Lusaka, Harare, Entebbe and Nairobi. The company also has operations from its Zimbabwean sites:

It is the company's declared goal to become the continent's first pan-African low-cost carrier, and operations were established following the takeover of the East Africa-based carrier Fly540; own name services were started in Tanzania in November 2012. Fastjet started a connection flight in September 2016 via the Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam, where the airport will offer connection services to its clients.

Almostjet has launched a bundling flight system called FlexiTrip that allows regular travellers to buy 10 one-way tickets at a flat rate including tax and charges. FlexiTrip's flexible approach allows you to book up to six flight minutes prior to your flight's scheduled flight date and is available for trips within one year of your flight order, depending on flight uptime.

Each of the 10 routes can be used by any of the three named travellers at the moment of booking, giving travellers the option to choose who can take advantage of the bundled service. FlexiTrip is available for a surcharge on Zimbabwe inland travel between Harare and Victoria Falls.

The Julius Nyerere Interna-tional Airfield is the interna-tional hub of Dar es Salaam, the biggest Tanzanian town. Airports offer services to Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Among the carriers flying to and from Julius Nyerere are Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways and KLM. On 3 November Fastjet Mozambique started its first operation from Maputo(MPM) and started operating inland connections to Beira(BEW), Nampula(APL) and Tete(TET).

LAM Mozambique Airlines, currently the only company to offer intra-Mozambique traffic in Mozambique, will offer all three scheduled air service directly to Mozambique. This latter company already runs the three segments started by almost jet Mozambique and offers 18 departures a week on the 721-kilometer route to Beira, 13 on the 1,389-kilometer route to Nampula and eight on the 1,096-kilometer route to Tete. Almost jet Mozambique offers nine departures a week to Beira, one departures a day to Nampula and four departures a week to Tete.

In Mozambique, a country full of natural resources and abundant in natural resources, the new team will take up its duties to complement the current service in Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa. CEO Nico Bezuidenhout said that although the dreams were the same, schedules were changed dramatically after an attempt was made to develop an Easyjet for Africa. "It is impossible to implant a first word paradigm into a third word environment," he said. fasjet has said that its entrance into the Mozambique domestic space will take place on Friday 3 November.

The Solenta Aviation(SET,Lanseria) was one of seven airlines to be honored last months with national Mozambique routing agencies, the others being CFM - Transportes and Trabalhos Aéreos,TTA - Sociedade de Transporte and Trabalho Aéreo,Ethiopian Airlines,Malawian Airlines, and established LAM - Linhas Aéreas de MoçambiqueandMEX - Mocambique Expresso. Speaking in a declaration, the low fares airline said its Maputow virtual Fastjet Mozambique(Maputo) business would connect each of its Beira(9x weekly), Tete(4x weekly) and Nampula(7x weekly) units to ERJ-145 equipment powered by its partner Solenta Aviation Mozambique.

Now that Mozambique's service has been launched, fast-jet will have a permanent operative presence not only in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, but also in three Africa states. Before delivering the first two EMB-190s to the Tanzanian company for operation, the company had temporary contracts with Star Air (South Africa)(BRH,Johannesburg O.R. Tambo) for the leasing of aB737-300s until the end of the months. The managing director of the company, Peter Annear, approved the lease.

Thanks to its newly conceived corporate identity, Fastjet has become the carrier with the biggest Facebook user base in Africa. Facebook pages of the airlines for Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia have exceeded the 1.1 million follower milestone. In a recent Fastjet consumer research study, Facebook remained the most favored way to retain consumers, with a favorite 80% return over Twitter and Instagram.

"In recent years, various types of societal multimedia platform have become strongly focused on form and function, and our clients still consider Facebook to be the most preferred way to get involved at all levels," says Hein Kaiser, Fastjet spokesman. Fastjet has therefore redefinded the joint and channel-specific purposes of its existing online reach.

Facebook and Instagram are a powerful way of creating lifestyles for your contents. It has experimented with purely organically grown and measured its fluctuation rates against its newly defined communities and editorial strategies. While our turnover rates have decreased significantly, our organically grown Facebook audience has allowed us to become the leading Facebook site among Fastjet's competitors," Kaiser concluded.

Almostjet announces that it has purchased the name of the firm from its owner, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou. Solenta, a specialised aerospace group, provided almost three planes to be leased by Fasjet in exchange for a 28 share stake, making it the airline's biggest lobby. Fast-Jet operates flights to many global airports and offers all its customers a cost-effective and secure passenger experience.

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