Taxi in Homer Ak

Taxicab in Homer Ak

Owned and operated by longtime residents of Homer Alaska. Kachemak Bay State Park, Homer & Halibut Cove water taxi service. What does a taxi from Homer, Alaska, USA cost on average in the USA?

Cache Cab 725 Ridgeway Ct, Homer, AK 99603

Add to miscellaneous. added to miscellaneous from miscellaneous. deleted from miscellaneous. Drivers were awaiting our planes to arrive at Homer Airport. And he was kind and spoke about the area. It'?s a beautiful ending to the work. He was very kind and gave us information about the area. Those boys are doing a good work, but the taxis... uh... ugh.

Well, the chauffeurs were kind.

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Kachemak Bay & Water Taxi in Homer Alaska

It is the ideal opportunity to discover the beauties of Alaska's marine wild. Start a 2-hour eco-friendly trip through Kachemak Bay on board the 26-foot "Anna B". A large, comfortably appointed, fully air-conditioned cabins allows you to explore the attractions during the trip. This is an amazing way to observe the animal world and spending your free moments on the ocean.

There is also a boat taxi to the Kachemack Bay State Park for those who want to go trekking. Departures are quick and easy - one call to find out what your preferred schedule is.

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