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Flight an airplane on a fantastic Wildlife Air Safari in Africa. Accompanied & Guided, Self Drive Safaris, Est. DroneBrella was developed by Moulla and Augmented Magic. The self flying umbrella is one thing.

Intelligent, mobile suitcase cameras from mobile phones from SLELFLYamera

Selfy is built on available technologies, which keeps engineering risk low. In the past, our seasoned staff has created several working prototype products that have been tried and proven to work well, enabling us to make the project feasible. That gives us trust in SELBST and its evolution. In recent years, small drone models have become very much in demand, and Selfy is a very easy one, so the technical challenges are not high.

Using the current technologies to create a new type of droning application, it is possible to compress it into a telephone envelope - we did it! The primary aim of our product is to provide the operator with a comfortable and available way to take pictures from a new perspective.

Although the initial pilots streaming is writable, its main use is to steer the cameras to select the correct angles for a self-ie image. But a $99 drug obviously doesn't contain a stabilising cardan ring. When you are looking for a UAV to record professionally stabilised videos, you have to pay $600 or more, this is not the frame of this one.

But if you're looking for a great and inexpensive substitute for a self-ie to take your photo to an exhilarating new level, this is the right thing for you. You can see the destination of the end products in the video of SELFLY's film. Though we have several working archetypes, the actual archetype must still contain the full and definitive functionalities and component parts to be incorporated into the production, and in order to achieve the production phase, further evolution should be made.

All of our sub-contractors are well-known businesses with extensive experience in mini-drone technology, so our work schedules and budgets are well designed to precisely assess the design phase through to shipment. Our products are sure to fulfil your requirements.

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