Jumbo Jet Price

Jet Jumbo Price

What does a Boeing 747 pay? <: (NYSE: BA) First 747-100 from Boeing Co. Launched in 1970, the first aircraft were marketed at a price of 24 million dollars. New 747-8 commercial aircraft now listed for $367. 8 million and cargo for $368.

4 million. that Boeing can find a purchaser.

To date, Boeing has ordered only two of the aircraft by the end of November this year and has only 20 in its order book: 13 commercial aircraft and seven cargo aircraft. However, could the corporation get help from a new airplane missions?

Virginal Galactic, a spacecraft trading firm established by Richard Branson, has purchased a 747 from Virgin Atlantic, another Branson firm, and is planning to take the 747 into orbit with the Jumbo-Jet satellite. National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) used two 747s specifically adapted to carry the spacecraft from its airfields to other NASA installations, so the idea of using the aircraft for a singular mission has proved its worth.

Costs for spacecraft launches from a 747 are likely to be less than $10 million. This is well below an estimate of $50 million for the spacecraft launched with a Spacecraft from Planet X and well below $420 million with a United Launch Alliance and Lockheed Martin missile.

Galactic Virgin estimates that it will start 2017 test runs for its 747 take-off system. However, the programme is not expected to have a significant effect on orders for new 747s. How many spacecraft can the enterprise start daily? The Boeing plan is to cut 747 output from a present monthly level of 1.3 to one per months from February.

Boeing built the aircraft in February 2013 at a monthly instalment of two. 747-8's price compares four power plants, two of them on the 787 Dreamliner and the $330 million 777-300ER. The Boeing says that the aircraft will be 10% less weight per passenger and 11% less consumption of petrol than the A380 Airbus which has a price of 428 million dollars.

Traveling at 650 mph, the 467 seat car model is capable of transporting 467 people. A new 747-8, with more progressive power plants, more refined seating technologies and greater payload capability, will cost about two and a half dollars the inflation-adjusted price of the genuine 747-8.

Boeing will not be able to depend on the aircraft as a launching platform for terrestrial spacecraft if it continues to sell 747s. At the Paris Air Show in July, Boeing received an order for 20 new 747-8Fs. A letter of intent was executed for 20 of the company's 747-8 freighter aircraft by the Volga-Dnepr Group, but the aircraft will not be included in the order book until the order has been approved.

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