Cheapest Tickets ever

The cheapest tickets of all time

What's the cheapest ticket ever? The WestJet airline already offers cheap tickets from its main airports to Europe. The cheapest tickets ever! - Earn miles walking Booked a pass for a boyfriend and looked for the price between his arriving flight and his ultimate target flight when I saw the cheapest pass I've ever seen! I' ve seen (and bought) tickets before that were wrong tariffs and $0 or less (yes, really!


However, this was definitely the cheapest flawlessly priced one. Birmingham Airport was Cebu City -CEB - (Philippines) to Cagayan De Oro - CGY (Philippines) and the flights are operated by Cebu Pacific Air. It' s a 40-minute ride for a grand total of $6! All I wish was that you were part of an airlines alliances - can you think about getting 500 miles balance, e.g. with United?

It' s too good you can't get credits from one of the big carriers! I' d take that plane all night for a few fucking days! This is actually a good example of how inexpensive and simple it is to circumnavigate much of Asia, especially between countries. So if you haven't travelled to the big Asian destinations, you'd be amazed at how many different carriers there actually are - and they don't charge so much to travel!

So if you are flying to the Philippines and want to go inside the Philippines, be sure to look at the different airline companies. You' ll find that it can be a lot less expensive to just go around and take a coach. This is another example - Manilla to Cebu City - $19 with CEBU Pacific Air and $21 with Zest Airways.

Well, what if you wanted to go somewhere other than the Philippines? Tiger Airways can take you from Manilla to Singapore for $57! So just so you know - Americans are not the only ones with a ban on airlines corporate cardholder rebates.... take a look at the CEBU Pacific Air and Citibank offering.

One free pass wherever CEBU Pacific Air is flying plus 25,000 CEBU points! Disclaimer - The views express herein are those of the authors alone and not of any banks, cardholders, hotels, airlines or other entities. He' run in a marathon around the globe for less than the price of traveling to the nearest city - all as a reward for earning and using mileage and points.

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