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Start now Here is a shortlist of things you will need to get through the recruitment procedure before you start: Have you already requested a flight training credit? Benefits are paid on the following loans: $6,000-12,000 PPL, $7,000 Instruments Ratings and $3,000 Multiple Ratings. The cost of flight training varies depending on your flight site, your airplane and other considerations.

This is a minimal payment per month, made on the basis of the quoted amount of the loans. What is the best way to get a credit? Applications can be made right here by sending an enquiry from here. Which documentation do I need to conclude the credit procedure? Here is a shortlist of things you will need to get through the recruitment procedure before you start:

You have two choices. This is worked out with the creditor during the conclusion procedure. Yes, you must be a member to submit an application. Note that you are requesting a Flexible Aviation credit and you are entitled to a rebate! Yes, the limit on the credit is $100,000. What are the higher interest rate levels compared to my auto credit or my mortgages?

Flexible Aviation Loans are "unsecured" loans, i.e. there is no car, house or ownership to be returned if the credit is in arrears. In comparison to other similar credit instruments, the Flexible Aviation Credit Facility is very competitively priced with interest and conditions. For what kind of flight training can this credit be used?

Flexible aircraft loans can be used for any flight training college and any certification or aircraft certification. When I am a non-resident air traveler, am I entitled to a flexible aviation credit? International applicants may qualify for the Flexible Air Transport Credit, but each credit will be checked on a case-by-case assessment.

Duration of the loans must not be longer than the duration of the students³ visas. What are the interest rates on this kind of loans? How much credit can I afford? Here is a simple formula to help you calculate the amount of credit you should request based on your total salary.

When you have an outstanding 700+ rating and no extra debts, take your total month's salary and multiplied by 3, the outcome is your max eligible amount of funding. In order to recalculate your exposure for good creditworthiness, you need to factor your total per month salary by 2. Here are some examples:

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