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Taxi Kuik

The Kuik Taxi App is free with the largest taxi fleet in Catalonia. Kuik Taxi Free's Android App. Our team of taxi drivers offers local and long-distance services and is guaranteed to get you to your destination.

Taxi Kuik

The Kuik Taxi is a portable taxi system that allows you to call a taxi to Catalonia's largest dispatcher centre, RTCC (Radio Taxi Central de Catalunya) with more than 1,600 cabs in Barcelona. Either way, the usage is natively, as the user-friendliness is in the foreground. Additionally, it uses natively available functions such as satellite navigation tracking, plus predictive notification to manage the health care state, and uses locally available databases.

There is a back -office in the system from which administrators can administer user and taxi of the system.

Download Kuik Taxi APK - Free Maps & Navigation APP for Android

The Kuik Taxi is the app congratuita organized by the Major of the Catalan taxi fleet. With this application you can request a taxi wherever you are: on the terrace over a coffee, on the couch at home or at the end of a business meeting. On the screen you can see the exact position of the taxi as it picks you up, and if you wish, even as it takes you with it as a passenger.

The Kuik Taxi is the app with the most cabs in Catalonia, who will pick you up first? The only one with telephone support 365 days a year, 24 hours a day: Did you leave an umbrella, a suitcase or important documents in the taxi? Call our staff, they will find the taxi you were travelling with and they will clear up any doubts you may have.

From now on, Kuik Taxi is available in the Barcelona metropolitan area, in the city of Girona and the surrounding cities, in Vilaseca and in Salou. It will soon be available in the other cities of the urban area of Catalonia. Choose when you want to be picked up, the possibilities and the means of payment and you will be surprised how fast your taxi arrives!

Download Kuik Taxi Apk Latest release 1.0.10- com.kuiktaxi.mobile

The Kuik Taxi review is valid for 3+.... Please check the Kuik Taxi website to learn more about the company/developer that created it. The Kuik Taxi can be down-loaded and deployed on your 9 Apoi or higher supported device using Adobe Acrobat.... Please use your preferred web browsers to dowload the application and click Installieren to start the installation.

Notice that we offer genuine and plain API files and a higher downloading rate than Kuik Taxi API mirror. They can also be downloaded from Kuik Taxi and run it with common &roid generators.

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