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ComfortDelGro SWAN TAXIS Application is the ideal taxi booking application for mobile people. Recently we were on holiday in Perth and our hotel booked a taxi to take us to the airport. Goosentaxis - Perth Forum ATTENTION - DO NOT USE SWAN TAXI FROM PEARTH. Recently we were on vacation in Peru and our guesthouse arranged a taxi to take us to the international airports. At least 6 Schwantaxis called the guesthouse directly and after an hours and a half we had a serious dilemma, as no taxi showed.

At the risk of losing our plane, a customer of the guesthouse took us to the plane and we just barely caught our plane with literal free time. Taxi riders at the airports said this was a frequent issue and that Perth's swan cabs were not reliable.

Would there have been a big incident that would have claimed all available cabs? Maybe a Friday/Saturday evening when there are fewer cabs and many nightclub visitors use them? Had I been the executive and my personnel not been able to get a taxi for those who had to make a plane trip, I would have taken them there myself.

I' ve been catching cabs several days a week - 99% were swans - for ages and only one has ever been a no-show. It would seem strange and make the history a little more difficult to absorb that the hotels did not name Black n White or even one of the subsidiaries.

One thing is for sure, if I was an hours and a half too late to fly, I wouldn't be outside chatting to other taxi riders about Swan's features. Sadly this happens, but there are other taxi businesses and Swan 6 rings is a bit ridiculous in IMO.

He took a swan taxi to take me to 2. He took me to 3.

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