Awesome Private Jets

Fantastic private jets

We have five awesome private aircraft coming in in the next three years. Recently, if you've gone through the moshpit, the corporate airplane, and you're new to flying into the (private) sky, there are five aircraft here that are definitely worth trying. Described as her "largest, most sophisticated Falcon," this ship has a 6-foot cab of 6 inches (the highest in corporate aviation), a broader cab than earlier Falcons, a maximum velocity of 90Max ( 690 MPH) Mah, a cruising distance of 5,200 sea mile, and the short-range capabilities of much smaller jets.

Likewise, the F5X is up to 50 per cent more economical on shorter assignments than other similar vehicles. Equipped with a 3-zone 2,236 cubic-foot stateroom and a cruising distance of 7,900 sea-mile at Mach 0.85, the Global 8000 provides more cruising distance than any other commercial aircraft and connects Sydney with eight passenger aircraft to Los Angeles, Hong Kong to New York and Mumbai to New York.

Brand-new and beautiful, the Gulfstream G500 has a 5,000 nm cruising distance at Mach 0. 85; its uninterrupted cruising distance links towns like Istanbul to Cape Town, Los Angeles to London or San Francisco to Tokyo - whatever. However, its load capacity is not compromised for velocity and cruising distance when carrying eight passenger and baggage; a fully refuelled G500 travels 0.85 5,000 sea miles at Mach.

Doubling this load and the 500 still travels up to 4,600 sea-mile non-stop, enough to travel from São Paulo, Brazil, to Madrid. Featuring a 501 ft internal capacity, the cab is longer, broader and higher than most lightweight aircraft. Twin-wheeled primary undercarriages allow the vehicle to run without friction on both fixed and unfixed take-off and runways - a plus for nerve pilots.

Aerion, much praised, does what the late Concorde used to do - it enables you to travel from London to New York and "arrive before you leave". "With his top velocity of 1,150 mph ( Mach 1.5 ), he'll make it. It has a cruising distance of 4,750 sea mile, which means it can also travel from San Francisco to London at the rate of 4,750 mph.

Fly at lower "subsonic speeds" - Mach 0. 95 - it will have a cruising distance of 5,300 mile.

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