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CAB is one of the leading DC taxi fleets in the entire tri-state area of the DC Metropolitan as well as in Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County and Annapolis. Latest tweets from VIP Taxi (@VIPTaxiCab). A local family run taxi company.


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Service we offer

Airports service: Providing a fast, dependable and accommodating taxi to and from Logan International Boston International Airports. There is nothing better after a long journey than taking a relaxed, comfy taxi to get you to your final destinations. Municipal service: I' m on shuttles: The simplest and most cost-effective way to get to and from the airports is by using our shuttles to your offices, home or your hotels.

At all times we bring you to your goal on schedule and in a stylish manner. If you are travelling to Logan Airport, let us be there to take you to your home, business or hospital. Nothing better after a long journey than a convenient, professionally operated shuttleservice to get you where you need to be.

Hotelservice: Our chauffeurs are all licenced pros, and our cabs are luxury and cozy. No matter whether you need to get to the airports, railway stations, offices or a stylish eatery, our taxi will get you there on schedule and in a stylish way. Our fast and reliable small parcel and document deliveries are available throughout the Boston area.

Qualified and licenced professional driver with extensive Boston Metro experience, they can deliver on schedule at any moment. Like all our transport solutions, our 7-person vans are quick, dependable and cost-effective. If you need something larger than your usual taxi or shuttles, our 7-person minivan fleet is the ideal option!

As many as 7 persons can take part in this luxurious, relaxed trip.

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