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Or Talkeetna Air Taxi

Breathtaking snow-capped peaks and intense blue meltwater pools await travellers who choose a Talkeetna Air Taxi (TAT) flight and glacier landing tour. Talkeetna flights and air taxi flights to Denali (Mt. McKinley) and the Alaska Range.

Or Talkeetna Air Taxi with scenic flight and glacier landings

Breathtaking snow-capped summits and intensive deep melt water basins are waiting for travellers who opt for a flight and ice landings with Talkeetna Air Taxi (TAT). Talkeetna Air Taxi staff has one goal: to ensure that our clients enjoy a safer and more pleasant journey. "Seeing startling vistas makes much more sense when a travel agent can give us backgrounds, histories and geological detail, as well as a view of the distances and how vast these mountains and ice sheets really are.

And Talkeetna Air is the only company that has ever provided translations of a tour into Japanese and Korea. The unique and interesting country structure is situated on the southern side. Beside the view on the southern side you see the whole northern side of Denali, with the Wickersham Wall, one of the highest elevations in the canyon.

Circle around Denali and experience its spectacular suspended icebergs, colourful cliffs, and amazing geology. The Denali National Park is a great place to visit. Stay an hours and a half and see more of Denali National Park than any other available itinerary. While on this trip you'll enjoy higher elevations, while looking at the peaks of Denali, Foraker and Hunter and the oxygen-equipped De Havilland Otter turbines.

Start from the plains of the Talkeetna bordeaux woods for an exciting scenic chopper ride into the Talkeetna mountains above. Difficulties can vary from mild to severe as the guide adapts the walk to your comforts. Come with Denali very closely and personally. The trip takes about an hours and can be planned with a wild land.

And if you fancy going for a ride, the Upper Talkeetna River is an excellent place to go white water canoeing. Need to be 10 years or older for the Summit Denali Tour, no exemptions.

Flight sightseeing Talkeetna, Denali sightseeing flight

Sheldon has long been a synonym for Talkeetna Bushflies. Holly Sheldon Lee, the owners, raised with her dad and made trips to support Denali climber and those who want to ascend the Alaska Range. For over 30 years, David Lee, chief driver and proprietor of the Alaska Range, has been leaving Talkeetna.

From our hometown Talkeetna we are happy to be able to provide you with secure and expert air taxi flights, sightseeing flights and landing on glaciers. Our aim is to serve the independent free minds of the mountain environment with specialised air taxis and Denali Base Camp service, which always provide a warm beverage and a stool.

From Talkeetna, our Denali Fly-In Safaris offer great sightseeing all the while. Don't remember to ask about landing on glaciers. And we fly a bunch in the bus and drag to secluded places in the area. Perhaps Talkeetna is the place where we put our heads at nights, but Denali is also our home, the two are indivisible.

A part of what makes Denali so magic for us are the humans we can see.

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