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Taxis, phone numbers, local rates, & suggested itineraries. iPhone App too! Taxi services in Firenze-Prato, Italy. At two addresses in Italy she finds the distance between them and estimates the fare for taxi services.

You' ll find that our affordable prices in Italy are competitive with local taxi services, while our vehicles are always comfortable luxury brands.

Airport & City Transfers Italy

You can also make your reservation for a safe and convenient transport to and from all Italian tourist and coach centres, ferries, airports and tourist resorts in Italy at low and set rates. A thousand mile trip begins with one move! No matter whether you would like to make a reservation for a shuttle or a sightseeing trip, here you are at the right address.

Just unwind and let our knowledgeable and courteous employees with many years of tourist industry expertise plan your trip for you. Our qualified and knowledgeable drivers are at your disposal wherever you want to go.

Poorest Taxi Service in Italy - Checking Taxis Rome, Rome, Italy

It' been a rush to find a minivan to take us to the motel. Taxis suggested we have two taxis to take us to the motel. When this minivan taxi then began negotiating the ticket rate, it was horrible after 15 hrs between the aerodromes and the planes (but be careful, they know that), so only a few seconds after getting into the taxi, when we thought we were going to relax in the hotels..... the taxi chauffeur had us stop at an ATM at the aerodrome to get money because he wanted his 70 in hard currency and not in debit cards.

They told us in the guesthouse that the trade show costs 50 and that each baggage costs 1,50?, so the trip had a tip of 14 that was contained in the small print. During the 5 day stay in Rome we met problems with 5 persons in a taxi, not to speak of the fact that a 5 minutes drive costs 10?, nothing like Madrid, New York, Paris, Frankfurt or any other big town, where cabs are available and accessible around the clock.

Also, learnt lessons; small or no baggage next visit, no more than 4 persons in a taxi, make sure you go all over the city looking for a taxi stand, if not, they will not stop, especially at nights, take the trouble and take the trouble to look for hotel within the centre, I mean near the underground or undergrounds.

Like falcons, these taxis chase you from the exits to the taxi stop and begin with a fare of 80? and bring you down to 55?. In fact, I even download an application named "taxi it", where you have entered all your information and your major bank account and the taxi finds you and takes you to your final destinations, but was not unsuccessful, the minivans for 5 persons are in short supply.

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