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Choose from the amphibious aircraft manufacturers below to see the aircraft designations by model. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION. Search real estate for sale at the best price.

to sell new and used water planes and swimmers. Sale of airplanes and floatplanes.

Globally, the search for or sale of floatplanes is straightforward, convenient and available around the clock. Airplanes of the leading aerospace companies like Cessna, De Havilland, Piper, Maule, Husky and others can be found at every best float manufacturer like EDO and Wipaire. More than 90% of all floatplanes are marketed to airworthy pilot or merchant floatplane operator.

Amphibious aircraft for sale

Floatplanes give you easy entry to some of the most untouched wildlife areas in the world, and you take your own plane with you. Floatplanes can be amphibious planes, i.e. they are suitable for both shore and sea operation, or they can be swimmers, i.e. they take off and land solely on sea.

A lot of water airplanes are traditionally land-based airplanes whose wheel are substituted by swimmers. Amphibian to seaplane, floatplanes make flying enjoyable.

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SL-40 Comm Radio, Garmin 327 transponder, intercom. Model CH750 was manufactured over 3 years at Quality Sport Planes of Cloverdale, CA by Fred Paulsen of Petersburg, Alaska. Updated the dashboard to display a complete 6-pack top plate as well as a Garmin GTN-750 GPS/Nav/Comm and ASPEN EFD-1000 Flight Display System.

The Aerocet 2200 just float was added in 2015. Aerocet Cessna 182P on 3400A, 3320 TT, 650 SMOH, 430, 696, 340 Audios, STC 30, EI-Monitor, Gearbox consulting, 327 transponders, back packs with stowage, rose-shaped sights.

Wilpline Modell 3000 Amphibienschwimmer, neues AWI-Abgassystem mit Wasserflugzeug-Schalldämpfer, wing x kind, kit tip expansion, Sportsman STOL w/Vortex, HID éclairage d'atterrissage, lampes HID, lampe à DEL Whelen/ Artex ME406, Texas Skyways échappement, Aeroflash Licht ing, EDM 900 (principal) moniteur moteur verre, Dyno d'EFIS positioner.

The Sun-n-Fun "Best Float Plane" prize in 2014. Supplied with floating units May 2016. Legend Aircraft manufactures floating floors. Aera 796 XM/WX (with TIS), XM weather, JPI EDM-740 engine instrument system with gas oil throughput, Trigg TY91 FHF wireless, Trigg TY22 Mode S transponder, airspeed, altimeter, tilt sensor, compass, 12V power port, 2-digit earphone connectors.

Vertex generator, light Li-Ion battery, floating fixing points, lifting ring. TTSN 920 hrs, TTSN 1000 hrs, 1000 hrs, air condition, one-point fueling, extra luggage, extra luggage, telephone by satelite, 8000A Wipline amphibian swimmers.

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