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810XT Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Taxi Just bought my first Standup Paddleboard - a BOGA Yoga Bamboo - and needed a holder and a way to wear my Standup Paddleboard on my own vehicle. Having read a great deal about critiques and stamps, I chose to go with Thule and see what I needed to do the magical thing. One thing I could say was negative: when I tried to put my snowboard on the rack by pushing it along the seat cushions, one of the cushions was "peeled" out of its notch. Most of the time the belts have a bit of difficulty to fit into the slit on the bottom of the vehicle (they are meant to glide all the way inside so that they don't tip over) because there is a pin that protrudes in the path on the bottom, and I think there is a notch on the top where the tip of the belt can hang when it is bent.

Both are relatively small problems in comparison to what I think about the safety of my PCB on my vehicle - I could ride between 65MPH-80MPH without any problems on the highway, with little motion at the top of the PCB. There is also a more apparent "wind noise" above my vehicle without the plank, but I was expecting that and to be honest, it's nothing I would take notice of if I hadn't been expressly noticed.

I know that I can take the wearer off my vehicle, but since I intend to use it on a regular basis as soon as summers approach, I haven't done that yet. In addition, the taxi should be able to support two planks at the same moment, both of which are piled on top of each other.

All in all, the Thule 810XT SUP Taxi seems to be very well constructed and is definitely user-friendly even for beginners and first-time owners. Being the first SUP holder, this is all I need, but it is also something I can see grow with me as I pedal more or take my boards with me on more adventure.

In the 810XT SUP Taxi, Thule has produced a top class item that makes my BMW saloon look quite tough.

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