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Großhandel Private Jet Flights Memberships For our customers this means real wholesaler prices with 100% transparence. We have transferred the Großclub franchise concept to corporate jetliners. You can be sure that our cockpit is equipped with the latest and most secure airplanes available. Every airplane we use must meet the strict security standards of Wyvern and ARG/US, an independent aeronautical audit firm that is dedicated to making sure that every airplane that exits the floor does so at its optimum levels of efficiency.

Our services are performed by Part 135 airlines of good repute that comply with and exceed US Federal Aviation Administration requirements. The JetSet Group Inc. acts as an agency for its customers, providing the best possible facilities and facilities to suit the needs of our customers. The JetSet Group is the best full-service private jet operator in the business. Just chill out, take a safer and more luxury ride and know that the JetSet Group is the best full-service private jet operator in the business.

Six jet startups that will get you into private aviation.

Did the wait on the TSA line make you have daydreams, fly privately? If private planes were to sell single places instead of the whole aircraft, what would happen? Place in a private aircraft where and when (within a three-hour window) you want it. Entrance fee: $5,000 per year brings you an 80 per cent discount on one jet seating or on your own if you bring the entire team.

So what if we let those guys booking empty crisps come back from a charters? An entire airplane for you or all your buddies that you can reserve directly from your mobile from. Entrance fee: $8,499 per year for every empty ticket. Well, what if we started a county club at 30,000 ft.?

between L.A. and NYC on ultra-luxurious Gulfstream planes. There are five more "city pairs" on the road this year, plus flying to Cannes and the Kentucky Derby. Entry price: $9,700/month for unrestricted stand-by travel, four one-way rides and entry to select activities. Let's jump into the pool and get into this private jet booming in the United States.

Entrance fee: There is no subscription. Booking an empty ride (from $1,500) or rent a plane (from $25,000). Entrance fee: $1,000 introductory charge + $1,750 per months + 3 months obligation = unrestricted free use. Starting price: $2,000 per months subscription, then you can only go flying.

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