Chennai Taxi bill

Chechennai taxi bill

100 Entrance fees for taxi to Chennai International Airports to collect travelers | Chennai News It does not, however, apply to cars arriving at the airports to drop off departure passenger. 10-minute leisure shall remain valid for such rolling stock. If the new rules come into effect, travelers who arrive at the airports may find it hard to find appraisal taxi apps like Ola or Uber to hire if the driver refuses to accept the starting charge of 100s.

Travellers must be able to rely on the airport's taxi service available at the terminals - Fasttrack, Aviation Express and the black-and-white taxi service of a driver's co-operative. Deepak Shastri, Chennai Airports Manager, said in a statement: "This is done primarily to prevent traffic jams in the area of the airports, ensure security of air travelers and reduce the threat posed by air travelers at the airports.

This is to eliminate the jams created by app-based cabs and other cabs that are often chauffeured around by people looking for clients. Some of these cabs are on GST Road opposite the main station and are awaiting reservations via the ATM. It also said: "The area in front of the arrivals terminal is still overcrowded as all types of utility vehicle enter and create confounding levels of use.

Taxi riders can afford this one-time charge of Rs100 and parking instead of going around looking for customers."

General Business Specifications

Minimal reservation 1 hour, maximal reservation 3 hours. Passengers must verify the invoice and the travel form before signing the invoice and the travel form. The customer is solely responsible for the loan invoice. All baggage or items in the cabin that get stolen in the cabin must be collected at the same place.

Any trip associated with corporate standards. It is only the individual who has to make a reservation. Minimal wait for the counter rate at any given moment 1 hours only, more than 1 hours, which is a 3-hour packet. Submit the invoice to the Bureau every month. Basic email invoices are sent every day to the individual and if additional baggage is required it will be billed per kg.

Passengers have trips as per companies trip paln.incase of person use Passengers have paid seperately for that. Drivers will only drive on all major streets and passengers should not persist in driving in gunshot slits. Passengers can obtain information at the station if the bus operator uses a shortcut. Passengers must verify the driver's name and ID number before entering the cabin.

In case of a complaints about the chauffeur or his services, the passengers first inform the bureau.

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