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Make the most of your Spanish programming with Mi Plan Latino. Please click here for support. Getting a job at Charter Communications...

. Some advice for someone trying to get in? I' ve been wondering because I have Dish Network satellite television, and I want high-speed Internet and charter is the only service available.

How do I get a season ticket and what is a season ticket?

Seasonality allows part-time users to suspend their Spectrum TV, Internet and voice for a small per month charge without having to cancel and reinstall the subscription. If you set up your bank during your absence according to a season schedule, you can keep your telephone number, e-mail adress, voice mail, Spectrum Receiver and other TV, Internet or voice devices.

You can also log into your Moneybookers Digital Store via your login to make payments, review your e-mail, voice mail and your Moneybookers Digital Store balance. Please note: Seasonality is available only to current clients with a good reputation, such as Spectrum Internet Assist and Earthlink clients. Season state may not be available for all service.

Spectrum Community Solutions service providers are not qualified for subscription to the Saisonal state. Once every 12 month you can set your bank details to Saisonal state. It can be between two and nine month. If you enter your bank into a season map, you will be prompted to enter the starting and ending date, as well as a forward adress, telephone number and e-mail adress.

Your Spectrum will be resumed on your planned date of returns without you having to reschedule a new install or use. In addition, your pre-seasonal selections and prices will be recovered to your bank balance and will last until the end date. Changing the end date of your season map up to one working date before the first end date is possible without going beyond the nine months limit.

Please note: The season state is only available for current clients in good condition. Season state may not be available for all Spectrum service.

The Spectrum lnternet is thrown from New York.

The Spectrum must remain in continuous operation for 60 consecutive business hours while the state finds a new customer support ISP. It is not clear what Spectrum is going to do now, but the state is asking him to develop a transitional scheme. The New York based firm anticipated that it would increase market share to a further 145,000 apartments and shops.

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