World's smallest Private Jet

The smallest private jet in the world

Maybe the smallest private jet in the world is near you. The world' s smallest private jet is launched " CBS San Francisco Maybe the newest private jet is near you. Cirrus Aircraft's Vision Jet from Minnesota is described by the airline as the smallest private jet in the entire family. It is also the least expensive small jet on the open skies with just under $2 million, which is a good deal in comparison to most jetliners. It is the first private jet with a unique powerplant made entirely of charcoal fibre - a robust and light weight fabric.

In addition, it has a giant chute that can hold the whole aircraft in an emergencies situation. At Cirrus, there are 600 orders on hand for the jet - worth 1 billion US dollars in sales. We plan to supply them over the next 5 years.

The smallest private jet in the world at the cheapest cost

Cirrus Airlines, a U.S. airline, has bought the world's smallest and most economical private jet, Vision Jet, for $1.96 million. The Vision Jet is specially developed for private use and is the cheapest jet on the modern world. Design and manufacture of the planes, which have lasted for a decade, were recently certified by the FAA, and Cirrus is now fully integrated into manufacturing and delivery to satisfy growing requirements.

The Cirrus marketers claim that the main targets for this plane are private ownership and local business aviation activities. Vision Jet is the first private jet with an internal combustion unit and can be easily controlled by a sole operator, thus reducing manufacturing and service cost for the user.

This is the maximum rate at which any Vision Jet traveler can get to Toronto in one hours from New York. In fact, the Vision Jet is fitted with the Cirrus Aircraft's beloved canopy system, which can be used in an emergencies situation. Cirrus officers attribute this system to some of the company's other model aircraft having saved more than a hundred deaths.

Vision Jet's stateroom is quite roomy when you consider that it is 4.1 ft high and 5.1 ft broad and offers enough room for five adult and two child. An ultramodern dashboard with a range of touch-screen display units incorporating the Garmin's Perspective Touch Aviation Technology Unit, which automated much of the air traffic and reduced operator time.

With its low tonnage, technically advanced functions, better performance and affordability, the Vision Jet is truly Cirrus Aircraft's best design.

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