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All Checker Cab Company vehicles accept credit cards. Obtain your own estimate for a rate, duration and mileage between two points. For a quote, enter your start and destination addresses below. Are you unsure how much a particular taxi ride will cost? Click here for a quote.

On this page your cabin price will be calculated with Memphis, TN taxi rates.

Prices for the

Measured rates as determined by the city of Memphis: Unless a wait period is necessary or otherwise specified by the person, the metering device shall not be placed in the wait period unless at that point the device shall record a twenty cent ($.20) increment for each thirty-six (36) seconds of metering during the wait period.

With our Memphis International Air Transportation app: They can use the application for travel to the airports, but cannot come from the airports. Because of the charges and supplements that Memphis International Airports requires, we cannot handle your application for travel starting from Memphis International Airports. Yellow and Checkers cabins are located at the local airports for your comfort.

Ask for a Yellow or Checker Cab at the cab rank outside luggage reclaim and you will call one from the cab area.

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TAXI DARES Ithaca Dispatch, Inc. comments briefly that the various price structure for downtown tariffs, out-of-town county tariffs and other tariffs can lead to confusions. Simply click on the links that best describe your itinerary. The information shown includes some basic estimations that a person can make when travelling with Ithaca Dispatch, Inc.

None of the estimations on this website reflects extra charges for objects such as baggage, several stopovers between locations or extra passenger. For information on some of these extra charges, see City Fare or call us for assistance. at peak times, we may need a prepayment or credit card to reserve transport requests from outside the city of ithaca.

THANKS! and a break-down of extra charges such as baggage and others. Inside TOMPKINS County (but outside the city) Will you be travelling on the outskirts of Ithaca, but still within the boundaries of Tompkins County? Click here on "Tompkins County" for a full alphabetical listing of roads within the County, but outside the town, along with their approximate prices.

Outside the county, if you need to go outside of Ithaca to Candor, Cortland, Rochester, Syracuse, New York City or even Boston, click here for an Alphabetical listing of Out of County's favorite tourist attractions and their correlated estimate rates. FAST REFERENCE Fees Do you have to go from one place to another in and around the city of Ithaca?

Then have a look at our "Quick Reference Pricing Chart", click here "Quick Reference Pricing Chart" for a fast look at the price estimations for: Collegetown, Ithaca College, Cornell, East Hill, the airport, the shopping centre, the C. M. C., Down Town.

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