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For every airport location we have preferred catering providers, worldwide. Privatjet-Catering - on-board menu for private and business aircraft The Fivestar Gourmet has a fully equipped export galley that offers different meals for every airplane type. In cooperation with the Captainge staff, they also provide an ample choice of wines for almost every flavour and every event. The Fivestar Gourmet also has the one-of-a-kind property of being operated by an airline company, which offers the advantage of additional crew expertise and grocery security so that the crew can make sure that meals are always stored and prepared in accordance with the demands of the environment.

Catering for air shows and executives' get-togethers is also provided on the floor. Onsite management meeting rooms with sophisticated voice and video features provide room for groups of up to 50 persons. Fivestar Gourmet Catering can also deliver locally via a cold truck. Deliveries are available at the following airports:

The menu cards for stock and large cabins /sports teams include the most favourite choices from our customers. If you have any particular wishes or nutritional limitations, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Fivestar Gourmet directly.

VIP and private jet catering

There has been a boom in commercial air transport in the last two decennia, with a corresponding rise in the number of private and company air services to and from Dubai. Now that the eating in a private jet has become one of the most important facets of executives' travelling, today's carriers require excellent services, fast handling, safe and secure.

Located close to the airports and our immediate entrance to the loading bay guarantee the shortest possible order and shipping times.

Aspen Premier In-Flight Catering - Private Jet Dining - Mawa's Kitchen Aspen Dinner

Mawa's Kitchen Air provides a great choice of enticing options for your on-board evening meal.

Mawa's Kitchen Air's cooks make everything themselves, so we can effectively process all your customised products and wishes and design any meal of your year. You can use our menu as a guide for ordering, but we will tailor it to your needs and those of your customers.

Our much-loved "Health & Wellness" section of our menus features a wide range of vegetable, gluten-free and milk-free meals. And we have quick and dependable meal options for last-minute orders. Mawa's Kitchen Air provides a wide range of different packing options to meet your specific needs. A la cartes selection of our hors d'oeuvres, so you can make your own selection of side dishes: Rotweinjus, Lammjusjus, Seed Senf, Tomatentapenade, Senfzwiebeljus, Salad of lemons, Salad of lemons, Salad of fresh tomatoes, Salad of fresh tomatoes, Salad of fresh tomatoes, Salad of fresh lemons, Salad of fresh tomatoes, Salad of fresh tomatoes, Salad of fresh tomatoes, Salad of fresh tomatoes, Salad of fresh tomatoes, Salad of fresh tomatoes, Salad of fresh tomatoes, Salad of fresh vegetables, Pesto with green peas and Sauce of white wine.

sautéed & spring onionsauce. citrus cabbage gravy. filled with yams & Spinach. serve with thyme coilis. with fried potatoes. with sea food gravy. with grated greek cheese. roasted, stewed or roasted. Check out our other on-board dinner/private jet catering menus: Mawa's Kitchen will require a $250 or higher order quantity. Our liefern an Aspen Atlantic Aviation, Vail-Eagle County Airport, Rifle Garfield County Airport et Grant Junction West Star Aviation.

Aspen Atlantic Aviation's mark-up on gas.

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