Cab Ride Cost

Cost of the taxi ride

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Three miles in a cab is $3.00. 6-mile cabin ride is $4.80. To find a rectilinear formula that cost model (c) as a function ofthe range (d)?

Specified information indicates that if our entry (distance) is 3 mile our issue (cost) is $3.00. Due to the fact that a cabin ride of 6 Miles costs $4.80, we get the datapoint (d_2,c_2)=(6,4.8). Stage 1: Use m=(c_2-c_1)/(d_2-d_1) to find the tariff that the car will charge per kilometer. On this issue, since the cost is modelled as a distance measure, the cost is represented along the perpendicular axes (increase) and the removal along the perpendicular axes (decrease).

For every additional kilometre we cover, the cost increases by $0.60. Stage 2: Use your command to calculate the basic cost for each taxi ride by using your command line command line command line 1. Aware that the cost per kilometer is $0.60, we can use this with one of the given datapoints to find the basic fee $1. I will select the point (3.3), but it would also work (6.4.8).

Each taxi ride begins with a basic fee of $1.20. Now we have enough information to formulate a cost equation for the cost a as a function ofthe remoteness a: In other words, the cost a of a taxi ride is the cost per kilometer ($0.60) multiplied by the number of kilometers a, plus the basic fee of $1.20.

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