Best round the World Fares

The best round of world fares

Register to receive the best weekly offers directly to your inbox! In-depth guidelines for fares and ticket prices around the world. Hairpulling's advantages and disadvantages around the world and some possible options like airlines alliance, an airpass or just jumping out of a high canopy. The world has become a shrinking place and information is now migrating at the velocity of daylight onto glass fibers. Substitute thrill has given way to the holidays of a life, but working out a vacation rate around the world is still a formidable job for both Indiana Joneses and Wall Street Gordon Gekkos.

Up until recently, my voracious hunger for continental travels was associated with frequent calls to visit CLM to buy complex worldwide ticket deals that would hinder the hottest bookkeeper or moneylord. I was able to take full benefit from the so-called MPM (Maximum Licensed Mile System ), where if the TPM (Ticketed Point Miles) or the actually flew distance was less than the MPM limit, route and points along the way could be stretched with certain restrictions.

Full-price ticketing around the world was an important instrument for the globetrotter to visit multiple locations with just one ticketing. A number of carriers are offering a co-operative discount rate around the world, limited to the above 16 coupons. Below we have outlined some particularities, but please note that each fares is subject to a number of terms and exemptions which are too many to be covered in this brief.

Product offerings are changing all the time, as are the various terms and condition associated with these tariffs. For your convenience, this airline provides its online browser () with tariffs, which are calculated on the number of contained continent, without miles or directions. In this tariff, the following definition of a zone applies to continents:

HK$25,350 (US$3,250) if only three counties are traveled, HK$29,220 (US$3,746) if four counties are traveled, HK$35,250 for a five-continent hub, and HK$41,270 (US$5,291) if the trip goes through six counties. Identical products are available in Blue Line classes for HK$70,910 (US$9,091) for three accounts, HK$80,010 for four, HK$91,180 for five and HK$92,340 for six.

Tickets for the first grade circumnavigation of the world are HK$103,390 (US$13,255), HK$116,000 for two zone, HK$129,960 for three zone and HK$143,460 for four zone, respectively. Supplements and tax must be added in supplement to these tariffs. Charges differ depending on the routes and carriers used and can amount to several thousand additional US dollar.

Hongkong - Tokyo - Helsinki - Rome - London - New York - Toronto - Los Angeles - Sydney - Cairns - Hong Kong. Hongkong - Johannesburg - Victoria Falls - London - Zurich - Madrid - New York - Sao Paulo - Santiago - Auckland - Sydney - Cairns - Tokyo - Hong Kong .

Price levels of this item depend on the number of flying mileage. Stage One: For up to 26,000 award miles from Hong Kong (Economy only), the price is HK$25,250 (US$3,237); from the UK, it is £1,849. Stage Two: Up to 29,000 airline mileage ( "Economy Class" only) from Hong Kong will cost HK$29,220 and £2,139 from the UK.

Stage Three: For up to 34,000 mile from Hong Kong, the airfare is HK$35,250 or US$4,519 (Economy Class), HK$80,010 or US$10,257 (Business Class) and HK$116,000 or US$14,871 (First Class). Stage four: For up to 39,000 flying mileage ("Economy Class" only) from Hong Kong the price is HK$41,270 and from the UK around £3,099.

A few exemplary routes for this circumnavigation of the world are: or Sydney - Perth - Johannesburg - London - New York - Los Angeles - Sydney (29,000 miles); or Sydney - Los Angeles - New York - Miami - Buenos Aires - Lima - Santiago - Madrid - Paris - Budapest - London - Hong Kong - Sydney (34,000 miles).

Onworld Circle Atlantic Tariff includes Europe, Middle East, North America and South America in both directions. 17,000 (four stops allowed), 21,000 (five stops) and 25,000 mile ( with six stops). Fares are approximately as follows (from the UK): 17,000 mileage, 1,349 in business and 3,999 in light and 6,799 in first-class.

21,000 award mileage will cost 1,649 in Economy and 4,599 in Business/First and 7,799 in First, while 25,000 award mileage will cost 1,909 in Business, 5,249 in First and 8,799 in First. 17,000 miles: Madrid - Santiago - Miami - New York - London; 21,000 miles:

Buenos Aires - Mexico - New York (4.000 USD en classe économique, 8.600 USD en affaires et 11.900 USD en premier). Madrid - Buenos Aires - Santiago - New York - Vancouver - London - Helsinki - Madrid (2,609 EUR in Business Classic, 6,359 EUR in Economics Classic and 10,229 EUR in First Classic) are doing 25,000 leagues under their belts.

Example tariffs that apply from Hong Kong are: 13,000 award miles at HK$18,970 (US$2,432) in Airfare, HK$35,750 in Airfare and HK$51,040 in First Grade; 17,000 award miles at HK$21,640 in Airfare, HK$41,380 in Airfare and HK$58,940 in First Grade. Cambodia is only valid for trips originated and bound for Taiwan, Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and the South West Pacific (Australia and New Zealand).

13,000 mileage, which includes Hong Kong - Singapore - Perth - Sydney - Tokyo - Hong Kong at HK$18,970 (US$2,432) in economy and HK$35,750 in corporate and HK$51,040 in first and second classes. Up to 17,000 nautical bumps Hong Kong - Beijing - Tokyo - Melbourne - Singapore - Bangkok - Hong Kong flight for HK$21,640 (US$2,774) in the Bovine category, HK$41,380 in the Clubs and HK$58,940 in the First Division cabins.

The SkyTeam Round The World Passport is another optional feature. Passport costs depend on the number of airline mileage, e.g.: 2,599 for 26,000 airline milage in Economical City, (e.g. Amsterdam - Mexico City - Minneapolis - Los Angeles - Tokyo - Bangkok - Amsterdam). An ex-Seoul world rate could typically be 3,696,600 Won or 3,005 US$ (Economy Classic, 29,000 flying miles), carrying Seoul - Rome - Paris - Prague - New York - Atlanta - Lima - Mexico City - Los Angeles - Honolulu - Seoul (W6,682,400 or 5,432 US$ in Executive Travel and about W13,094,200 or 10,645 US$ in First Class).

The cost is 3.549 in Paris - New York - Miami - Atlanta - Sao Paulo - Mexico City - Los Angeles - Honolulu - Tokyo - Bangkok - Paris (7.562 in Brussels and 14.127 in First). With the purchase of a First-Class pass budding world travelers should consider that there is no First-Class options between many towns due to the airplane model orfiguration.

However, in this case, the passenger will be upgraded to full SWISS Airline and will not be refunded, although the firstclass free allowance will continue to be applied in these sectors. It is also worth taking into consideration that on certain routes you may have short-term difficulties maintaining your seats.

Confirming in your Businessclass is usually much simpler. Combined with the Skyteam Round The World Airport Passport, a number of local airline passports are available, the most important of which are the America Passport, the Asia Passport, the China Passport and the Europe Passport. A China Passport will cost between US$300 (1,500 flying miles) and US$1,300 (8,000 flying miles).

Every voucher will cost between 60 and 205 US dollars, dependent on the route you fly. Prior to buying this passport, it is advisable to check the prices of the various flight options, which are often offered at a lower one. In partnership with British Airways, Quantas is offering a low cost Business Class RTW which is available for 3,695 plus tax and supplement.

One example of this route could be Hong Kong - London - New York - Los Angeles - Auckland - Hong Kong. Further eligibility is available in London - Singapore - Sydney - Auckland - Fiji - Los Angeles - London and New Delhi - Bangkok - Melbourne - Cook Islands - Los Angeles - London - Delhi.

Coming from Thailand you can try Bangkok - Singapore Brisbane - Cook Islands - Los Angeles - London - Bangkok. Prices in different home towns will vary from the £3,695 rate due to fluctuations in foreign currencies and foreign currencies. The Star Alliance is offering a dedicated round-trip vehicle that allows between three and five stops for 1,967 plus tax (which could be around 200) and up to 29,000 airline mileage.

Singapor Airlines charges a $300-900 supplement on long-haul segment flights operated by certain Airbus A380s. The free luggage volume in Economie and Businessclass is two items of up to 23 kg each. In the first category, two 32 kilogram items are awarded. Due to fluctuations in currency parities, tariffs in other jurisdictions may be slightly above or below these levels.

Possible routes are 29,000 mile, including Singapore - Sydney - Auckland - Papeete - Los Angeles - Montego Bay - Philadelphia - New York - London - Munich - Madrid - Rome - Singapore; up to 34,000 mile to Bangkok - Johannesburg - Victoria Falls - Johannesburg - Cape Town - London - Warsaw - Budapest - Munich - Paris - Chicago - Vancouver - Honolulu - Sydney - Bangkok;

34,000 leagues of aerial credits to see the attractions, sound and smell of Singapore - Athens - Frankfurt - London - New York - Miami - Rio de Janeiro - Mexico - Los Angeles - Honolulu - Sydney - Singapore. When you are considering a round the world trip, please consult your local tour operator or your local carrier.

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