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Nearly every wildlife in this part of Alaska demands at least some voyages by boat. Do you hope to spend a few relaxing nights in a camp or do you want the comfort of a forester's hut or a cottage? No matter what your plan, Sitka Sound Ocean Adventures can offer secure, dependable and economic transport to any destination up to 60 nautical miles from Sitka.

They can take you to tight moorings and flat areas that would demand visitors on a bigger ship to bathe or float to shores. Captain John has been providing sight-seeing cruise and shipping services in SE Alaska for over 30 years. John is not only an experienced sailor, but also a knowledgeable traveller who will share his understanding of the region's rich heritage, environment and fauna.

Our Wassertaxi service runs from April to September, seven and a half day a week. Our service is available to you on request. Departures and pick-up schedules are determined according to the group' s preference, with Captain John informing you of tides and weathers. Tariffs are calculated on a graduated basis that takes into account the mileage and number of passenger in your group.

As a rule, we can organise a second ship for groups of 6 people or more. For this type of service, our prices are the best you will find anywhere.

Wassertaxi-Service in Sitka, AK

Take a boat taxi to Goddard Hotsprings, the Mt Edgecumbe Vulcan Path or a Forest Service hut? As a Sitka instructor in low seasons, every journey comes with passionate naturalists and historic interpretations. Local people, educators, service members and Seahawks enthusiasts get a discount! Our clients are our most loved ones, so don't hesitate to go to the port of Thomsen and see us!

We are available in the evening and on the weekend during the academic year as long as light and good conditions permit.

Amazing ocean taxi service! - review by Aquatic Alaska Adventures, Sitka, AK

We' ve arranged a journey with Alaska Aquatic Adventures to deliver and collect them from a forestry cab near Sitka. With Captain Ryan we took a big ride through Sitka Bay and saw hunchback cetaceans, owls, seal, seabirds, falls, jellyfishes and much more in his boot. Our 3-hour early bird's-eye journey fulfilled each of our goals and the opportunity for even more extraordinary sightseeing aroused our interest.

And he also has the security measures under control and kept us carefree and enjoyed the trip. Thanks, Ryan! It was Ryan Kauffman who provided my 3 generation of 12 members of the NPH community with outstanding service. Our schedules varied several time over several workingdays and yet Captain Ryan was responsive and tolerant and helped us with our schedules.

Plannings even altered the date of the trip when we chose to remain longer. There was mobile phone service on the Isle, he phoned at a prearranged hour to see if we were prepared, we weren't, so he came to pick us up later in the morning. He made sure that the trip was secure and entertaining, going through all the security precautions on the ship.

Alaska Aquatic Adventures was used for a taxi to and from a campsite. During the journey he also exchanged extensive information about oceanology. Alaska Adventures to bring us safely and healthily to Kruzof Island this June, but we didn't really anticipate the additional expert know-how Captain Ryan would bring to the journey!

His efforts were to make our journey entertaining and unforgettable, and he even took us on a short detour to visit an old war facility. It was an absolute charming journey and we would do everything to rebook Captain Ryan!

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