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Taxi Cabs Fairbanks

Several taxis are waiting at the Alaska Railroad depot in Fairbanks, Alaska, for an arriving train. Airport Fairbanks Taxi Taxi Service. There are four segments: cruise cabins, cabins waiting at stands, radio. If I go to work, I use a taxi, maybe once or twice a week.

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No matter whether you need velocity or fundamental efficiencies, cabs are a naked way to get from the airports to your hotels without having to worry about renting. Plan a pick-up from us that will take you through the town with everything you need. With the help of your drivers, show yourself in good time to important company events and give away urgently needed break times while you are on the road.

And one of the best things about working in a new town is to be able to appreciate the outdoors. No matter whether you come to Westmark Fairbanks Hotel & Conference Center for a large exhibition or as a visitor on the upper floor, you will be happy to have you. Explore the town through the eye of a native by making a stop at the end of the morning and making sure you get home safely and healthily with the help of your taxi drivers.

<font color="#BRW">Barrow - Wiley Post - Will Rogers Memorial (BRW):

Wiley Post - Will Rogers Memorial (BRW): 11 km/1 Mile SW of Barrow centre. Taxi: Everywhere in the city ~$5 + $1 per additional passanger. Alaska Taxi (907) 852 3000, Arcticab (907) 852 2227 & Barrow Taxi (907) 852 2222. Arriving by bus: The busses of the popular line 0700-2200 leave every 20 minutes for the city.

No real downtown or borough of Prudhoe Bay exists. FAI Fairbanks Intl: 4 km/3 miles SW of the area. Taxi: 14-18/15 minutes to the center. Eagle & Yellow Cab Co 455-5555, Tundra Taxi 455-4555, Golden Nugget Cab 452-8294 & King Cab 452-5464. The MACS buses operate every Sunday except the Sunday with the yellow line to the centre.

$1.50/30 minutes, but not very often. Mile S of the city. Taxi: Citycab +1 (907) 442 2229 or Polar Cab (907) 442 2233. By foot: 15 minutes walking to the city. 2 miles NW of the city. Taxi: City ~$5. Checker Cab +1 (907) 443 5211 or Louie's Cab (907) 443 6000.

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