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When you plan to fly to three or more destinations, this means that you can get all your flights on a single ticket for one price. Do you need a world travel planner? Create your own package together with one of our travel consultants. One round-the-world fare allows you to reach several destinations with a low fare, so this dream holiday lasts even longer. Explore Europe's beautiful cities or travel around the world with our multi-stop fares.

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Thanks to our special flying expertise and our many years of flying experiences, we can help you safe your precious travel budget and make other interesting bookings for your trip around the world. Look below for an ideas of the great tours we can organize for you and to learn more about us, visit our page about us and why we like what we do.

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{\POS TERING }WHAT IS A GLOBAL FLIGHT AWARD? In essence, a round-the-world tariff (RTW) is a journey from two to 16 stations on one route and a journey around the world in one way. RTW's first route is the RTW, the price of a classic flight. These products are available from all large airlines such as SkyTeam, Star Allianz and onlineWorld.

In general, these tariffs are either restricted by the number of kilometres (Star Alliance, SkyTeam and oneworld) or by the continent (oneworld) and allow up to 16 flights with member carriers within the kilometre limit or geographical area. Those prices are considered to be of great value if they are fully used and use the number of flights and stops.

Initially developed by air companies to link points between served points, these RTW tariffs have developed into a wide range of product that are used by various air carrier networks and even low-cost operators. RTW tariffs are not limited to kilometres or a specific geographical area, but use a specific route. A third kind of RTW fare is the constructive RTW route, created for you by a tourguide.

The RTW type fare can include a choice of one-way fare from any town on the route to obtain the overall fare, or begin with a minimum RTW route that adds one-way fare to link the points between the points.

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I should have known better as a trip reporter. However, flights for my woman and two animal female offspring to South Africa to see the unit playing period Easter would never be bargain-priced, and I had position it advanced. Dream World Travels was the least expensive thing I had.

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