Black Cab Receipt

Taxi-receipt black

This morning Mrs Targa got a late cab home from London. If you want a taxi driver accessory for your black taxi or a taxi accessory, we will gladly help you. Receipt requests for taxis have been rejected because they are black taxis!

In case of poor physical condition I get a fare home which contains a cab ride to the railway and back as well as a rail ride to and from home. Personally I am living in London, so I only use black taxis because I have had some poor experience with them.

ALWAYS I get a receipt for the trip, but obviously, because they are black taxis, there are sometimes no further detail on the receipt except "licensed black taxi", a logotype, the ticket price and the driver's name. I have today been sent an e-mail informing me that I will not receive a refund for the cab rides as they have not provided sufficient detail about the ride on the receipt.

I' m now being let out of my bag by several hundred quid, and I think this is utterly unjust, as it has never been a problem, and all I was asked was to get a receipt with a cab - not exactly what had to be on it. And I think it's not fair for them to just begin with this now and leave me a shortfall in revenue for which I'm not entitled now.

Receiving payment by credit cards - Transport for London

Acceptance information for credit cards. Every authorised cab must be equipped with a TfL-approved credit transfer system mounted in the cabin which allows a receipt to be issued on passenger's demand. Every cab driver must pay without cards or contacts using the authorised solid fare ticket machine in the cabin and present proof of receipt upon demand.

Hand-held payphones do not comply with the license conditions and are considered non-approved payphones. Drivers who are found to be using unauthorised equipment may also have their suitability for certification checked. Every cab must also show the non-contact cabs and the accept cards signs: No exceptions are made to the obligation to pay by credit cards, nor is there any obligation to install a credit card-payment machine in the cabin.

There are currently 16 credit cards companies with accredited schemes that comply with the new credit cards industry standards. Eleven of them are certified for use in the new LEVC TX e-city cab. On request, taxidrivers must be able to provide a paper receipt in accordance with our electronic money order.

When you know a means of paying by electronic money transfer that has not been authorised by the German Financial Markets Authority (TfL) but you wish to use, ask the firm to get in touch with the German Financial Markets Authority (TfL) as it may be possible for us to authorise the equipment. On 3 February 2016, the board of directors of TfL accepted that customers should be able to make purchases by cards, even without contacts, and from 31 October 2016 all authorised cab riders were obliged to take advantage of credits and debits.

Since 1 January 2017, all credit cards must be installed safely in the cabin. Transfers via HailoPay etc. are allowed if a customer has a telephone or mobile connection. The driver may not input credit cards into his own telephone or equipment to make a transaction.

They are not expecting their cab to be left when a fare dispute arises, and they do not consider themselves secure to do so. In case of a malfunction, our recommendation is to the drivers: Prior to commencing work, all cab riders must verify that the credit cards are fully functional. In the event that a cab rider has trouble with his credit cards, he should immediately call the credit cards company to notify the operator and resolve the matter.

When renting a cab, you must immediately notify the owner of the issue so that he can notify the Cardholder Systems Division and ensure that the equipment is repaired or exchanged and if necessary make a spare cab available to you. In the case of notification of a issue, the undertaking for credit cards schemes should be asked for the indication:

Such information must be provided if you are halted by a TfL Compliance Officer before the cardholder's means of payment is repaired or superseded. When you have trouble with your smartphone outside business hours, you should do the same as described above. From 13 January 2018, it has been an offense for businesses, as well as landlords, to add surcharges or surcharges to their clients because they pay by either bank transfer or direct debiting.

If you have a complaint about a higher charge when using direct debiting or payment by bank transfer, please contact your nearest Trading Standards Bureau.

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