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If you need a ride to or from the airport, train or bus station, you can rely on All Star Taxi. The All Star Taxicab provides the Albany, Lebanon and Corvallis areas with top quality taxis and offers shopping and delivery services. I would definitely recommend this taxi service!" <font color="#ffff00" size=14> ;

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Every All Star Taxi driver is entitled to take a taxi and go one level further than the regulatory authorities demand. Driver must undergo a test for drugs and alcohols, not only as a rental requirement at All Star Taxi, but also regularly, just to calm down, because security of the general population is of utmost importance.

And All Star Taxi also has a very stringent directive against filthy taxis. Each taxi is regularly checked and the chauffeur must be fined $50 if he has a filthy taxi. And last but not least, if a chauffeur arrives too late for a prearranged pickup not only will they have to give you rebate but also must foot a $25 penalty.

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Check out an candidate, assign him a profil and never check him again. They could drive with a chauffeur brought there by the claimant instead of Uber, and they would probably drive in a car that has no regular upkeep. If your policy has expired or is insufficient to provide adequate protection in the event of an accident, what happens?

About has no idea whether that's the case or not. At All Star, however, we know exactly who is going, we keep an up-to-date taxi policy with under passengers cover and carry out periodic inspection and servicing of the same. So are you gonna drive safely or about?

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