Boeing 737 Business

737 Boeing Business

Explore a new industry. Business class you've been waiting for has arrived. The Boeing 737-800 has 155 seats in a two-class Business and Economy configuration.

The best business grade seats: Santas Boeing 737-800

Boeing 737-800 is the working horse of Qantas' national and trans-Tasman fleets. And with some seating that is perfect for short trips and others that shows its strength on longer trips, here are our top and bottom tips for your next outing. IA, 1C: These look great on a flight card, but on some planes the stowage space at the top is handed over to the rescue kit, which means your luggage has to go somewhere else - and that can't be in front of you because you're at a bulkhead. What you're looking at is a big, big, big, and small, piece of luggage.

There' s no one to lean back in front of you, which makes it easy for the front seat passengers to get into the door.

These are our top pickers on longer distances or if you want to lean back from side to side with a good film, which offers entertaining backrest monitors for newer planes, instant gear entry in all variants, under-seat positioning and still fast menu services. 2A, 2F: We generally abstain from these unless we plan to stay sitting throughout the entire trip as you loose the advantage of having immediate entry to the aisles in the front and back seating and the absence of a recumbent occupant in front of you as in the front rows.

Although it cannot be denied that a Business Grade chair is still significantly better than a great place in business, we also choose to jump over Series 3 when other options are available. This is because these are the last places where food is eaten, which makes eating times on the airline's shorter flights more hasty than pleasant.

Occasionally, front of business customers also stow pockets over these chairs when the closets are full, minimizing your stowage area.

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