Empty Leg Specials

Blank Leg Specials

Disposable flights (also called empty routes) are flight segments that are already flown without passengers. Note: These flight offers are not scheduled flights. Price and booking information for empty journeys on private jet charter flights. Search for the best offers and specials for private jet charter. Blank Jet Charter Offers and Specials.

Significant rebate while simultaneously boosting your business productivity.

Significant rebate while simultaneously boosting your business productivity. Disposable trips (also called empty routes) are those travelled without a passenger. Usually this is because the plane must either be returned to its home bases or repositioned to pick up another group. The fact that the plane flies without a passenger in these unsellable sectors allows us to provide it at a significant rebate while at the same time improving its efficiency.

Occasionally, to meet an empty inquiry, it will help to be somewhat adept with your route.

Lean Leg Flights Specials

If we have to re-position an airplane, we can provide this route at a reduced price. Purposes, origin and prices on this page are regularly up-dated. Empty jets on their way to collect customers who return to their bases or re-position themselves for collection in the near term.

Prices for empty leg are given in one direction and are dependent on available at date of book. Departures may be within 250 miles of the above-mentioned starting point. And in some cases, the date of take-off and destinations are variable. The routes that follow the air routes may differ according to the real start and finish airport.

Occasionally it may be necessary for the customer to request flexible sailing time. Prices are without prior announcement reserved.

Offer Jet Charter: Up-to-date One-Ways

A possibility and "empty legs" are usually plane repositioning feet or non-passengers transporting airframes. These are mainly used to locate an airplane for the next cabin charters. Some of these sectors operate every day without passengers; some may operate only through the state, while others are positioned throughout the state.

So who are we to say that these empty one-way jets do not go exactly where you want to go?! Usually these can be bought at a fraction or even half of the regular price! Look below and save today on these promotions! Offers and empty route lists are NOT regular airline services.

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