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The Jetcost is a travel website whose meta search engine allows users to search and compare prices and availability for flights, hotels and rental cars. You agree with the Jetcost TrustScore? Don't use JetCost - Air travel forum Recently I "booked" a Jetcost ticket for my subsidiary and got a verification number. One thing I didn't see was the small print saying that this booking wasn't really accepted until I got a second one. Google took up this booking and even sent me and my daugther messages about the flying times, arrivals, etc.

, which deceive us even more, I wish I could add a picture to the e-mail.

And my man also thought that this plane was book. Only when my daugther came to the airfield (2 hrs drive) to get checked in did she realize that there was no plane. Then she drove 15 with a 20-year-old boy for 15 hrs.

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The Jetcost is a web site for travellers whose meta finder allows travelers to find and benchmark fares and availabilities for airfare, hotel and rental cars. The Jetcost meta site allows clients to find and benchmark fares for airfare, hotel and rental cars. The Jetcost website provides a full listing of available flight offers, after which passengers are directed directly to the airline's or on-line agent's website to finalize their reservation.

Acting as an agent, the company does not directly resell flight or tour operator items. Established in 2006 in Paris, France, Jetcost was one of the first metal detector engines on the European Union metal detector scene. Originally specialized in air ticket comparisons only, Jetcost introduced new tour product launches in late 2006: rental cars, hotels, packages and other tour and recreation related goods and more.

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Avoid the hassle and expense of booking directly with the airline companies on their own websites. No Ryanair ticket will be available to you at a lower price through a third person. You can also view Ryanair's terms and conditions as they do not allow the purchase of ticket through most third countries and it is known that ticket can be canceled.

It took me 12 seats, and yet it' s too little to live the possible talk of joining the Diners Club with the chance to chase another tramp........... and now that I recall that my grandson from E-Dreams was BADLY STUNG for a Ryanair ride. It is not a reservation process in itself, but only leads you to those who say they have the lowest prices.

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