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Aircrafts for sale

At AFC we maintain a large, diverse fleet of aircraft by offering aircraft for sale under a leaseback agreement, enjoying ownership benefits without effort! RFC set up depots throughout the country to store and sell surplus aircraft. G. Schmidt, Phenom 300 Owner We have bought more than 1,000 planes for ourselves since 1982, so we can handle each customer's plane procurement as if it were our own line investments. More than 3,000 deals have also been closed, so we fully appreciate the importance of your investments and your individual needs as a purchaser.

Through our relationship with the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA), we can offer you advice and guide you through the owner structures and regulatory provisions.

Aircrafts for sales

May I take this occasion on Hershey Foods Corporation's account to pay tribute to Avpro's achievements in the recent sales of our two airplanes. There was no foreseeing of the complexities of the various deals necessary to fully meet our goals. Obviously, without your expert knowledge and advice, the goals of the projects would certainly not have been attained.

Speaking for myself, I appreciate Avpro's ability and readiness to lead and lead us through our challenging work. With Hershey, you can be sure that we will safeguard your service when it is Hershey's turn to buy or sell and build planes.

Sociata TBM for sale US, UK & RoW 700| 800

With the FAA and the DGAC (EASA), the FAA and EASA certify the world's first single-engine full-pressure turbo-prop plane, the TBM 700A. TBM's 700 concept included a wide range of aluminium and alloy steels, as well as sophisticated composites, which combine unsurpassed static stability and endurance with the least possible impact on lightweight and affordability.

At the TBM cabin, our designers used fail-safe engineering technologies, incorporating the use of multi-path loads, a tear-stop tape, and a minimal number of smaller entrance plates, to extend structure lifetime, increase subsystem dependability, and reduce service time. The TBM 850 is rigorously the same as the TBM 700 cell and is also driven by the Pratt & Whitney P6A turbo -propulsion.

PT6A-66D, the new engine, will produce 1825 esp at a low power output of 850 wave horses and offer the TBM 850 jet-like power with turbo-prop efficiencies and economic operations. Right from the initial design phase, the Daher TBM 900 was designed to enable rapid travelling at an accessible price. Designed when double piston engines were too costly to run, it was still looking for an airplane with the same high degree of security and convenience as the lightweight planes.

This is the very quick turboprop - an all-in-one with even more advantages over the competition. Therefore, TBM by is prepared to meet the great challenge of the Performance 2017 Strategy Agenda and preparing for the challenge of the upcoming Strategy Agenda. In particular, our goal is to affirm our operative excellency, to maintain our global presence and to further our transition to a large group.

Therefore, the producer of the TBM, has more than a hundred years of innovative expertise. Driving by courageous innovations since its foundation as a shipowner in 1863, today Daher has become one of the main actors of the third industry revolutions. Therefore, is a provider that develops integrated industry systems for aviation and space and develops cutting-edge technology.

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