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Our "free to use, free to choose" marketplace gives you access to a wide variety of private jets so that you can fly exactly when, where and how you want. Naturally, online private jet charter is an extremely niche market. Send me a message - Jobs With Victor, you can turn your trip into a 40,000 destination travel experience, right where you want to be. Travel on-demand with in-app bookings, no up-front charges and your own private flying convener. Our "free to use, free to choose" free jet marketing platform gives you easy entry to a wide range of private aircraft so you can choose exactly when, where and how you want to go.

Start your own flight adventure with Victor. For the third year in a row, we are ranked number one on The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 for our continued growth and investment in our businesses backed by major strategy partners. But we can only do all this through the truly stunning talents we have in the industry and the great new employees who can join us and keep building on our stunning voyage by improving our unique mix of innovations, client care and visibility.

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VICTORIA launches On-Demand Private Jet Charter in the USA with expanded global service, additional financing and new mobile booking app.

Victor, a leading provider of jet charter services, today announces its US launch. With a new, easy-to-use portable application, Victor is the only private on-demand air charter company to offer full visibility into the often complex and non-transparent jet charter business. Victor, already a success in Europe, will use its new $8 million financing round to cover the increasing demands for private jet charters by high net wealth Americans.

The round of investments was financed exclusively by flyers for flyers, with funds from Victors' current worldwide clients. Established by Clive Jackson, an businessman disappointed with the inefficient end-to-end services he witnessed with intermediaries, Victor interrupted the fragmentary and intricate private air transport industry by offering full visibility into the eco-system of airplanes, crews and prices.

Historically, private jet bookings have been an inefficient operation as customers are at the mercy a broker may have, often significantly increasing costs due to the absence of regulations in the markets. "With 49 countries, the USA is the biggest private air transport area. 7% of the world economy, with Europe ranking 20th.

8% stake," said Clive Jackson, CEO of Victor. Today, we are the most rapidly expanding jet charter company in Europe and forecast 300% growth through our worldwide activities such as our US operations. "Victor launches its first ever iPhone application, offering customers unparalleled accessibility to real-time charter prices, airplane and crewing specifications, side-by-side jet comparison, immediate bookings, routes and journey planning - all conveniently from a user's smart phone or desktop PC.

"VICTORIA is defying the private jet sector by making the purchasing experience as clear as possible so that customers have all the information they need before and after making a booking," Jackson added. "It is the definitive travelling companion for private jet pilots who are usually time-critical and need a tailor-made experience that easily and effectively fulfils their personal travelling needs.

" Victor's main features: VICTORIA has a firm reservation charge and announces the operator's contact information prior to making the reservation. Victor's clientele are some of the most accomplished private and corporate travellers in the industry and it has provided a world-class client support environment, from requesting a ticket to reaching the goal and beyond.

No matter if it's about transporting loved animals in the comfort of a customer's aircraft or if the transportation is organized at the last minute in a secluded place, the Victor crew makes sure that every trip goes without a hitch from beginning to end. VICTORIA has embraced the private jet charter market to make comparison, reservation and management of a trip simpler and quicker than ever before.

Immediately, Victor provides pricing quotations by airplane model and class. Soon after, the definitive reservation procedure provides competitively priced charter offers so that members can benchmark the best planes, carriers and fares. Victor's unrivalled blend of intelligent technologies, visibility and outstanding levels of client support means that more than 13,700 members with 7,000 planes - more than 900 of them from carriers who have worked with us - are always in touch and under full command.

Over the past three years, Victor has grown by 300 per cent over the previous year and in 2013 won the Walpole British Luxury Awards for "Brand of Tomorrow" and the TTG's "Leading Edge" Award. Please email us for more information about Victor:

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