Empty Legs Europe

Blank Legs Europe

When you are flexible in terms of dates and times or willing to make a last-minute deal, empty legs offer private jet travel at much lower cost. Void cross country trips Blank stages are all privately chartered planes that are on their way without passenger to the next goal. As your itinerary is necessarily planned, empty planes allow you to get to hubs or recreational areas such as London, Nice or Olbia by reducing the cost of a normal plane by up to 75%.

What do you do to make a last minute reservation? Fortunately, if the offered route matches your desired destinations, you can continue your on-line reservation and hire your own personal aircraft for yourself and three other people. Travelers with empty legs enjoy all the benefits of a privately operated aircraft with the exception that availability can be changed.

However, the available destination when choosing a last-minute personal jets offering can change on a regular basis: from domestic to cross-border and at different hours of the week. By chartering a plane that is empty on the way to repositioning for the next traveller, you enjoy outstanding service during and after the trip.

Actual date relates to the arrival hour of the departing aerodrome and is determined by the initial reservation.

Security & Accuracy

ImperialJet was founded over 20 years ago and is a truly international company providing personal jets rental, lease, aviation related consulting as well as airplane maintenance and owning solution. Our Munich, London and Dubai office and our base of base carriers throughout Europe, Russia and the Middle East offer round-the-clock, round-the-clock support. The operation of a state-of-the-art and diversified air transport portfolio, our world-wide cover and our industry-leading know-how make sure that you are in good hands with us anytime and anywhere.

ImperialJet starts from a suitable aerodrome and flies you nearer to your goal, whether for commercial or personal use. No matter if you are familiar with travelling by plane or on a unique trip, our on-board services are first-class. The ImperialJet is designed to meet the highest global aerospace regulations, so your security is always our top concern.

We have a rigorous repair programme in our state-of-the-art air vehicle park, and our crew is extremely skilled and qualified to operate anywhere in the world. No matter whether you want the Global 6000's trans-continental reach, the Challenger 605's roomy cab, or the power and effectiveness of our Learjet squadron, ImperialJet is capable of providing global cover 24x365.

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