Boeing 747 Private Jet Interior

747 Boeing private jet interior

When it comes to interiors, Bizliners work differently from traditional jets. Like it' in a $500 million Boeing 747-8 private jet. Did you ever have the feeling that even in first grade flight aviation is not nearly enougheluxe? Perhaps you'd rather have the whole airplane to yourself - and while you're at it, you should probably make sure that the airplane doesn't really look like an airplane, but like a deluxe resort.

Simply make an investment in a Boeing 747-8 private jet - a luxurious retrofit for one of the biggest commercial aircraft in the can. Built for an unbelievably affluent - and extremely trusted - customer, this ridiculously 4,786-square-foot floating building is at least a glimpse of its fluffy interior before it flies obscene lavish travellers around the worlds.

If you had a private jet like this, why would you ever dock?

The Boeing 747-8I 2018 private jet from 403 million dollars

Boeing 747-8 is known as the "Queen of Heaven" and it is not difficult to see why. Boeing's latest technical wonder is the 747-8I 2018, which can be adapted to customer requirements. Featuring an interior area of 4,800 sq ft, the aircraft can be equipped with an executive suite, a meeting room, a large master suite and a large dinning room.

Boeing 747 was first heralded in 2005, since then 125 have been produced and marketed. The widebody aircraft was designed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Its 747-8 is the third edition of the release, with significant enhancements and up-grades. It' the most comprehensive ever with an extended body, newly designed wing, new engine and a significantly enhanced level of performance.

747-8 can transport over 500 passenger in the non-custom configuration and has a cruising distance of 8,000 mile. Propulsion system engineering and construction changes to the newer aircraft result in a more streamlined styling that allows greater outreach. In addition, the 747-8I is 30% quieter, 16% more economical with gasoline and the quickest passenger aircraft and private jet in the word.

A new staircase with an extended top storey area and a more roomy front door has been added to the interior. Window sizes are 8% bigger than those of the 747s, and the aircraft is fitted with a state-of-the-art solid-state light emitting diode (LED) system that can be adjusted to provide atmospheric illumination.

There'?s no question that the Boeing 747-8I is the most technically progressive aircraft that really deserves its epithet "Queen of the Air"!

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