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Cheap rates are available from your area. With our comprehensive vehicle pool and our highly skilled commercial vehicle operators, our enterprise offers you cost-effective airport transfer services. Transport from one town to another, group transfer, V.I.P.

transfer, train-passages. We offer proffesional V.I.P. transfer with an expert chauffeur. Airport pick-up, airport transfer, limousine services.

VIP coach transfers in luxury vehicles: Mercedes-Benz E-Class, S-Class, V-Class. Cheap rates are available from your area. Booking your taxi in anticipation through our website. Me and my husband and my daughter need taxi services from Charleroi Airport to Leuven Hospital. January 2015, when we noticed that the airport shuttle from Charleroi to Leuven had ceased operations.

I travel a lot for my work and sometimes arrive late at Charleroi airport or Brussels, in which case I have to take a taxi. Last we used this last weeks services, we had a transport in Brussels, from BRU to Charleroi.

Airport transfers and taxis in Brussels

Zaventem is one of the biggest European aerodromes and Belgium's most frequented airport with almost 22 million passenger movements in 2016. The Brussels airport is 12 km from the Belgium capitol and therefore offers several possibilities for transferring from or to the airport. This is a dependable round-the-clock airport shuttle reservation system.

A smooth transfer is guaranteed and we work with the best group of riders to make sure you get to your destination on schedule and without unnecessary hassles. Brussels airport is situated in the heart of Belgium and is linked to the whole globe by 78 airline companies. Brussels Airline, the Belgium vacation carriers TUI Fly and Thomas Cook Airline are based here.

Brussels being the business centre of Europe, the airport of Brussels has an important part to play in the Belgium business. Brussels airport is Belgium's second most important location for business development, accounting for 1.8% of the country's GNP and 3.2 billion euro in value added.

It is also an important freight airport as it acts as a turntable for several freight carriers and holds 495,000 tons of freight annually. The airport is home to around 260 businesses, which together create jobs directly and indirectly for 60,000 of them. Approximately 500 job openings can be found at the airport at any given moment.

The airport thus offers a wide variety of employment possibilities. The aim of Brussels Airport is to maintain offering thousand of airport related employment possibilities and to further connect Belgium to the Rest of the Earth by offering more destination for travellers. It is the objective of the airport to strike a proper balance flanking economical and environmental developments.

The Brussels airport has only one airport terminus, which means that all the installations are under one umbrella, but it is subdivided into two pillars: Passenger Pier A and Passenger Pier B. The terminus comprises several floors. Railway stations are on floor -1, buses and taxis on floor zero, landings on floor 2 and exits on floor 3.

The newest at Brussels Airport, the Pier A was opened in 2002. The oldest at Brussels airport, the B jet is only used for non-Schengen services. The Brussels airport provides a multitude of entertainments such as pubs, eateries, shops, most of which are situated on dock A. A few establishments, mostly small stores such as the airport store, a chemist, a café, are situated in the departures area.

At the airport there are also places of cult for Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Orthodox and Protestants as well as rooms for humanist retreat. There are also special airport facilities such as conference rooms, packing, mail, pharmacy, gas stations and locker rooms. The Sheraton Brussels Airport is the only hostel directly on the airport grounds, in front of the Brussels Airport gates, offering soundproofed rooms.

Fifteen other hotel establishments are also located on the airport premises, for which a shuttleservice is offered. Where to get to and from Brussels airport? One way to get to Brussels airport is to use your own private means of transport, as the airport is easy to reach by road.

At the airport there are three multi-storey car park with a combined capacity of 12,000 cars, of which 10,800 are within easy reach of the airport terminal. The airport of Brussels is easy to reach by road via the motorway A 201, which is directly linked to the Brussels ring road. The most important motorways in Belgium are easy to reach from there.

A further possibility is to ask your family's boyfriends to take you to the airport, but if you fly early in the day or later in the evening, it is not always an optional extra. And last but not least, the most comfortable way to get a taxi from or to the airport is to use taxi service.

No matter if you are on your way for private or professional reasons, with your friend or alone, a taxi is the best and most convenient way to get directly to and from the airport. One of the great advantages of pre-booking a taxi in Brussels is that you can always be sure you have a trip and arrive safe at your destination. Your taxi transfers will be arranged in time.

It doesn't make any difference if you're travelling to Brussels for your free hours or on holiday, because an airport taxi in Brussels is always a good option. You also know that the taxi is punctual and secure. By paying in anticipation, you won't get a discussion about the fare in the taxi.

Are you trying to get rid of all the hassle of having to book a last minute taxi? Are you afraid to increase prices during your taxi ride? Our comfortable door-to-door services ensure that you are collected with the minimum of fuss and that you arrive at your desired destination punctually. The best offers for airport shuttle services if you need to travel to or from Brussels airport.

You can fill in the full particulars of your transfers on our website, which include place, date and hour of your transfers, number of people travelling and luggage. Our worldwide partnership enables us to provide you with the best possible service for your desired transfers. Just by making a 15% down payment or pay the full amount of the reservation on-line, you are now prepared to arrive at Brussels airport and get on the taxi immediately, without having to pay any extra for it.

Not only do we have taxi service in Brussels, but also in Manila Jeddah and Hong Kong.

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