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Genuine jets for sale

Looks and flies like the real thing. There has never been anything like it to buy and it is a real rarity. Purchase or sale of a Privatjets The search for the right representative in the used aeroplane market is an important commercial choice. We create personalised customer care environments where integration and insight are essential to the security of corporate air liner operations. Over and above the purchase and sale of used jets, OGARJETS' expert opinion goes beyond this.

Our company has many years of operating history and has possessed and run a broad spectrum of jets.

That hands-on expertise allows us to help our customers buy just the right aircraft for their missions and maximise its use as a commercial instrument. It gives our customers more and better information about the markets and the real features of a variety of jets.

Established in 1980 as O'Gara Aviation Co., the airline has grown over the years and today has invested $4 billion in new and used airplanes, doing business with customers and affiliates in 50 nations. Our company's track record is underpinned by the confidence it enjoys every single working day trading as the brokers of the choice of leading corporations and wealthy private persons and family.

Confidence will never be changed because customers will be empowered to make the best possible choices when purchasing or purchasing a plane. Teamwork means that we are able to see every sale or acquisition of a plane from a 360-degree perspective and not just concentrate on a few apparent numbers of prices and performances.

As a member of various local and international organisations, we contribute our donations and donations for many aviation-related purposes.

Never mind the old surplus MiG, someone has to buy this very light used Tornado T2A.

Browse in classifieds I came across this as good as new state, the swinging Tornado Q2A hunter-intercept hunter for sale. Tornado T2A for sale, which was still shown during the flight for the Royal Force (photo credits Steve Kilvington). In general, the Panavia Tornado was constructed in three main variations. ADV is an aerial defence version that fulfils the function of a medium-sized antiaircraft hunter.

A third variation is the ECR, which primarily fulfils the task of suppressing the hostile roll of defence. Now for sale is a peculiar variation of the ADV Hunting Plane Interception System named F2A. It means that it has the F2's main configurations, but it is a test bench airplane that is quite new.

Tornado A. D.V with guns and outside gas tank. Operative Tornado ATVs would support four Skyflashor AMRAAM 120 AMRAAM beyond the visible reach air-to-air rockets and four AIM-9 Sidewinder or AIM-132 ASRAAM short-range air-to-air rockets, as well as a 27 mm 180-shot canon. Tornado's Tornado version was put into operation in 1985 and was used in Italy, Saudi Arabia and Great Britain.

Altogether 218 copies were made. Though the IDS and ECR variants are still in use with several Luftwaffe forces, the Royal Force has discontinued the last ADV variants in 2011, with the Eurofighter Typhoon assuming its defensive roll. Tornado T2A with its long nose, which could accommodate the AI.24 Foxhunter radars, is sold, although this special plane was also used to test the Sea Harrier Blue Vixen radars.

Though the Tornado was not very rival as a melee combat aircraft, it had a large open cockpit and long leg, and its swing-wing concept allowed it to fall quite effectively at ultrasonic velocities. All in all, the sold aircraft is a serious item of serious defence equipment that has a top velocity capability of Mach 2.2 and can draw 7.5Gs.

Since this special plane has flown as a test bed for a wide range of subsystems and tornado upgrade, it has very low hour and is a baby all its lives. This is the description of the Tornado on offer: "Former Royal Air Force Panavia Tornado ZD902 Z2A ZD902 A. D. V. This is the only Tornado plane of the 2A version that exists.

It is a unique "T-Bird" Twin Stick version of the Tornado with full flight control in the front and back cockpit. Equipped with RB199 MB103 afterburner power units, this former Royal Aircraft Establishment Trial Aircraft was used for Sea Harrier FA2 SAR tests and for research and evaluation of the avionic system.

known as TIARA (Tornado Integrated Avionics Research Aircraft), was manufactured in 1984 and last flew in November 2011. It comes complete bundled with F700 as well as a printout protocol of all ever flew flight, incl. takeoff, taxiing and detained landsings it has ever made.

It was fully installed on 7 December 2015 before we dismantled it and won it over for freight transport by truck. Photographs of the mounted planes were taken the last working days before they were dismantled. Fuelling of the plane was completed and on 3 November 2015, when the last electricity was supplied externally, fuelling was carried out.

Obviously, the Tornado Q2A Listed enthusiasts at jet art have a passion for air travel. First thing I wanted to ask was whether this plane could ever be privately owned; the response was quite clearly a big yes, although legally it had to be made clear to us that it was not sold as a technical plane.

Imagine this plane being re-flyed? Could, in other words, an opponent help the supplier buy this plane and start flying it again? It will be used as a museum/exhibition for law and insurances only. The hypothetical situation, however, is that the plane is in such good shape and so intact that if a purchaser has chosen to buy the plane and come back later at his own expense, I cannot predict anything that would prevent it.

It is very completely and could in theory be converted and operated on the floor within a short timeframe. Ex - Ex- Ex- Ex- Ex- Ex- Ex- Ex- Ex- Finished Ex- Equipment in " Ex-Works " state, without a writing, intentional or tacit aerial warranty. There has never been anything like it to buy and it is a real rare item.

The initial acquisition costs in the eighties were GBP 30 million (USD 44 million), so the ultimate selling prices today will be a minute fraction of that amount. If you buy the plane, you get a whole bunch of planes for your own cash. CW: In December, the Panavia Tornado ZD902 was an exhilarating newcomer to Jet Art Aviation in Yorkshire.

Constructed in 1984, the plane was one of the first ADVs to be put into RAF service and was one of only 18 F2 variants. The ZD902 originally operated with 229 OCU in Coningsby and spent the first three years of its lifetime trainer on what was then the RAF's most modern new high-speed MACH 2 engine. 2 rotary vane separator.

Launched in 1988 to the Royal Farnborough Aircraft Establishment, the plane was upgraded in the RAF St Athan to the Farnborough Royal Aviation Establishment's Farnborough St Athan flight specifications, an upgraded designed to convert early F2 planes to the F3 standards, while maintaining the RB.199 103 engine. Through a turn of events, ZD902 became the only airplane to be rebuilt since the vast majority F2s left became a donation plane after a drill accident at a contractors site essentially depreciated the fuselage of 16 F3s.

That makes this plane the only 2A plane there is. The ZD902 became a test plane for the Defence Research Agency and was given the name TIARA (Tornado Integrated Avionics Research aircraft). In the course of her carreer, this plane had the prerogative of being the last test plane to be airlifted out of the RAF Farnborough in 1994, formally marking the end of 90 years of test flights at the historical airport.

The ZD902 was later powered by MoD Boscombe Down and the plane ended up as one of the last of the few Tornado ATVs, with its last take off on 30.11.2011, more than six month after the last RAF Tornado F3 squadrons were withdrawn from operation and the model was decommissioned. The ZD902 turned out to be the longest served ADV version of the Tornado.

Since most RAF Thrornado F3s have now been limited to spare parts for the ageing Thrornado GR4 family, this example is rare and vulnerable in terms of conservation. Seriously, this plane is ultimately the last remaining full engine (and system ) system built in, and one of only a few surviving jets.

It is in an unbelievable state, as it has lived a very spoiled lifestyle and has a total flight time of only 935 flighth. This compares to the 6,000 hour shift of the Tornado GR4s. It is also fully equipped with engine installations and all fuels, hydraulics and electric equipment. Aeroplane was disassembled for the freight transport weekend from December 7.

Fuelling of the airplane was also complete, which required emptying and emptying before the disassembly procedure could be performed. Now, as a very scarce asset, it has been offered for sale by Air Force Art. FA: How did your business come to sell excess planes like these and is there something interesting you want to sell in the market?

CW: I am a former RAF airplane pilot who finished his mechanical course as the best in my group. In the RAF my tenure involved 2 years as a floor team for the Red Arrows Aerobatics Team, and the remainder of my professional life worked on Tornado F3s. After leaving the Royal Air Force ten years ago, Jet Art began experimenting with the sale of small collectables and the manufacture of exhibits and furnishings from aeroplane structures and parts.

Initially I was a one-man operation, but the firm developed into a married couple and then again developed into a small but qualified UK based UK based private firm with nine employees and a variety of air related service activities. Our firm has grown continuously and today we are a special provider of ex-military aircrafts for collector and museums.

We' re currently working on a Harrier GR3 Jump Jumper that is fully powered and has a very interesting story that was used on the Falklands and in Germany during the Cold War. The name of the pilots on the Harriers side is a former USMC replacement pilots - a Capt. Ching, who last flown the plane in 1991.

This airplane is currently being painted in our garage and is for sale to the general public. Please contact us. They can buy a swinging tornado combat hunter-intercept hunter that is virtually in new trim and probably almost the cost of a very old Lear jet. Unless otherwise, it certainly strikes hell out of just about anything that flies in one' s own hand, and especially out of anything that has its origins in the West.

What is even better is that it actually has a useful reach and these characteristic tornado thrusters for landings on short field lengths. So, come on, annoy the populace at an airport near you and buy this beautiful wedge-shaped flightplane!

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