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Comprehension of urban mobility through taxi trip clustering. Via for cities - Via Platform West Sacramento, California, and Arlington, Texas. Objective: To introduce a city-wide on-demand transition without the significant cost of designing and deploying large dedicated control networks. Through will monitor all facets of West Sacramento and Arlington's operations while the towns remain on the driver's seat. 3.

Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the Austin, Texas based transportation operator, operates a dial-a-ride passenger transportation system that connects passengers to big-box retail stores, a clinic, a nursing home and residential complexes.

The Via project provided an end-to-end end-to-end application, which included a custom drivers application, the Via drivers application, Via's web-based dispatching centre and extensive education and assistance for Capital Metro employees. Now, with a portable application or a call from a dispatchers agent, pick-up drivers can take a special ADA-compliant Capital Metro coach served by an agent and make a few minutes' announcement to anywhere in the 5 sq m area.

The Via-based services increased occupancy by over 50% and cut Capital Metro's costs per trip by almost 40% in just a few month.

Accessible ride

The Via is a simple, quick, comfortable and intelligent way to find your way around. The Via is an on-demand, shared riding facility that accepts a number of travellers travelling in the same directions, making journeys accessible and costing little more than local transport! This is how it works: Adjust your pick-up and drive it off to apply for a trip.

Intelligent pick-up co-ordination takes you to a close-by spot to hit your chauffeur so your via and its occupants never have to get out of the way. Designed for carpooling, our intelligent algorithms and corner-to-corner pick-ups make driving quicker and more accessible for everyone.

Our rates are very competitive for everyone: safe your taxi fare and drive anywhere in our services area at competitive rates. Travelers get first-class, comfortable journeys for just a few bucks more than a citybus or metro. Authorized user can use Transitdollar before taxes to make payments for commuting benefits using authorized credit card. Payments are made directly via the application, so you can quickly and easily make payments for your trip.

And we provide real-time client assistance so you can get the most out of your trip. The Via recognises the value of exchanging with our neighbours and thinks that everyone profits if we work together to make our town a better place. If we drive together, we profit from our town, our planets and each other. All your mates are our mates: Join the Via mistress!

We are sure that your buddies would rather travel with us than with busses, subway lines, underground cars or costly cabs. Tell your buddies about the Via and you'll get free credit when your buddy makes a trip...! Like car pools or shuttle cars, we can cut traffic jams and emission by dividing journeys.

You can drive via in New York (including JFK, EEA and LGA airports), Chicago (including O'Hare and Midway airports) and Washington D.C.

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