Boeing 747 Vip

747 Boeing Vip

VIP Boeing 747-8 lounge. I' d say there's probably a dozen or two VIP 747s. Boeing 747-8 is a wide-body aircraft developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Qatar Amiri flight received three VIP Boeing 747-8Is.

UPGRADED: THE NEW ONE: Whose Boeing 747-8 VIP is this? Paine Field Secret

Whose latest Boeing 747-8 VIP is on display at Paine Field? Since the 747-8 programme still produces aeroplanes, most of them were cargo ships (747-8F). Only one of the 747-8 Intercontinental versions has taken this type: The whole remainder, with the longer top deck (Freighter's are shorter), was bought as Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) and shipped to either individuals or governmental bodies as 747-8 VIPs.

Although there are no Boeing or Qatar certifications, it is generally believed that the plane is part of the State of Qatar, which owns a large number of different aircrafts. Again neither Boeing nor a governing authority have affirmed it, but one can expect that this plane was for the state of Kuwait (see picture above and make your own decision).

On December 1, the latest Boeing 747-8 VIP came out of the painting hanger in a strange colour. Business Jet Boeing is not able to verify who own the airplane and respects the desires of the client. First VIP Intercontinental took off with an AP7 registry showing that the airplane was in Qatar.

Latest airplane is VQ-BSK registrated. The VQ is located in Bermuda and not in Qatar like the M7. That contributes to the secret of the airplane. The Boeing 747SP (VP-BAT), which has very similar equipment. The Boeing 747SP (VP-BAT), as seen above, has a very similar paint finish. It is said to have been owned by Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani, who was deposited with the Qatari Emperor in 1995 but came back in 2004.

Was this the first "official" 747-8 VIP of the Qatar Amiri fleet in a new outfit? Has it been designated for the Amiri fleet and has it been recorded in Bermuda for some reason? Is it meant for someone else who belongs to the state of Qatar? Whose is this 747-8 VIP and can I go with?

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