Prepaid Cab Service

pre-paid cabin service

So why advance payment? Once you have authorized PayPal payment via the application, you can choose a prepaid amount of up to $40. Prepaid money is paid into your driver's bank transfer if your cab arrives at the pick-up point within 10 minutes. Operator deducts the prepaid amount from the ticket price. So why advance payment?

Pre-paid tariffs are attractive: more chauffeurs will compete for your company and you will get a more dependable service.

Driver have a good excuse to collect you before the prepayment warranty period ends, you will be waited before. If you don't get a quick, dependable service that you can't afford to loose, you don't get anything! This is how it works: prepaid tariffs are more noticed by chauffeurs because the fixed minimal payment makes them much more appealing than a normal ticket price (customers who don't travel are a big thing, especially in some towns where clients tend to order a taxi and then take off with the first taxi they can call).

Is prepaid calling more costly? Drivers will subtract the prepayment amount from the ticket price when you leave the cab so that the net costs of the ticket price itself remain the same ( meters + tip). Additional costs for you are our $2 charge ($2 for a $10 prepayment, $3 for a $20 prepayment).

What should I pay in advance? Default prepayment is $10 and is sufficient in most cases to be considered real. However, if you need to make a strong case with taxi riders, we suggest you increase your prepayment offer to $25 - or even more, based on the value of your ticket.

You' ll find that paying more than $10 in advance makes a big deal if you are not near the taxi routes or if it is Friday evening and taxi riders have enough $10 to $20 fare to keep them occupied. Driver are independant entrepreneurs who make their own decisions on the basis of timing and cost, there are no strict warranties.

Conversely, it is much more likely that they will see a prepaid order all the way through than take a risk for a non-prepaid consumer who may or may not show up. So what happens if the rider shows up after 10 minutes? In case of delay of the drivers you will not be invoiced.

After 10 min the prepayment payment is cancelled and the order is transformed into a regular order (of course you can still decide if you want to get into the cabin and leave the regular amount - meter + tip -). Is there anything that happens if I cancels my ticket? Once a chauffeur has already paid the ticket price and the expected journey times are within 10 minute limits, you will be billed for the prepaid transactions to reimburse the chauffeur for fuel and travel expenses.

If my ticket is not collected, what happens? The prepayment will not be invoiced if no chauffeurs have collected the order. If it turns out that the ticket price is lower than what I paid in advance, what happens? Prepaid amount is the minimal income you provide to the chauffeur in Exchange for quick pick-up so you should not anticipate the chauffeur returning a modification to your prepaid amount.

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