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Taxis for Phoenix and surroundings Every concealed charge is tantamount to the fraud of the client. Consequently, we have developed as many options as a client would charge less for the same level of services. We have provided a good understanding of what the client is paying for here for those who choose to focus on this issue.

The tariff applies to a client requesting an instant response product. However, any client who is pro-active enough to make a booking for a downtown or airfield pick-up at least 3 hour in advanced will be eligible for a 15% off the metre price of $2.80 per mil. That means if a client makes a taxi/transport reservation at least 3 hrs prior to the scheduled date of performance, he/she will travel at a charge of $2.38 per miles.

The taximeter begins to count from $2.75 at the beginning of the journey, when the rider presses the key. Customers might ask: What's that for $2.75, we haven't even begun drawing yet? It' known as the Flag Dropping Ratio. It'?s standard procedure for any cabbie. That is what the client has to pay if, for example, he drives less than one car per day, changes his opinion and decides to get out of the car.

After that, for every further driven miles, the $2.80 per miles will apply. Taximeter tariff computation is a feature of two parameter. However, the timer is also integrated in the counter. We have a corporate counter that charges the client one dollars every 82 seconds (one second and 22 seconds).

You can see how hard it is to know the precise costs of a cab trip in advance, because even if it is possible to know the distances a client could cover with Google Map software (with pick-up and drop-off addresses), we don't know the costs of the stop.

One 10-mile trip would charge the client $28 plus the $2.75 waste of flags, plus some delays, if any, charges (about 73 euro cent per min during the time the cab is not moving), plus a tip for the rider if the client chooses to do so.

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