How much would a Taxi Cost for 15 Miles

What would a cab cost for 15 miles?

Used when the taxi goes to your destination, $2.70 per mile How much does a taxi cost to get from one destination to another? What would a taxi cost from the nearest aerodrome to...


What should a taxi cost from the airports to your hotels? What is the distance between the hotels and the berths of the cruises? Taxi from the airports costs about $15.00 to $17.00 plus $1.00 per bag. Our location is only 5 min from the Roundabout and 10 min from the Carnival Brussels.

There is no nearby taxi station, and since I have hired a taxi, I do not know how much a taxi would cost. Located relatively near the cruising port, however, the resort would be a good option. Hello, the guesthouse is located in the center between the airfield and the dock.

Taxi could drive for about $25, based on how much baggage and tips there are. Identical fares from the guesthouse to the jetty maybe a little less. It will be all right if you are arriving later in the morning and are not planing any visits, there is nothing to see in this resort anyway.

Don't you dare walk alone at nights or early in the mornings. There are many taxis in front of the door that wait for a ticket if you want to go out for dinner. It' a very beautiful neighbourhood and resort, it gets very isolated at nights after work.

Enjoy your cruises, enjoy a safer one! Personally, I know nothing about taxi, because I had a rented vehicle, but the distance to the nearest taxi station is about 15 - 30 minutes.... according to the madness of the city. Located in Old San Juan, alias Viejo San Juan, which is about 15 minutes away from the resort by road... which involves transport.

A taxi from San Juan International to the Marriott Courtyard costs $20-22 US$ with tip (about 5 miles / 10-15 min away) and from the Courtyard to the Cruise Ship Terminal is about 2 miles and 10 min away (estimated taxi cost $15-18 US$ with tip). A taxi from the airports to the hotels should cost you about $20.

It' s near enough, but the street to get there is not exactly nice. All taxis in San Juan seem to cost between $25 and $30, no matter how far you go. It'?s about $30 to take our cab. Located about four miles from the Round Robin Passenger Caribbean Sea Passenger Line, think twice about exploring it on foot with all your baggage! realrod21......

It'?s a $15 taxi drive and less than five miles away. It took about 15-20 min in the case of heavy use.

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