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Guarantee the best prices for on-demand private jet flights, anytime, anywhere in the world. Charter private jets; price leader. Are you ready to book your private jet charter? Have a look at our luxurious private jet fleet and plan your journey with Diamond Jets to any place in the world today.

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Unparalleled personalized services that provide round-the-clock support and assistance. Our Director, Adrian Whitmarsh, has been in the private airline business for over 30 years and the combination of expertise of the operating teams is second to none. As a result of our reputations, most of our businesses consist of face-to-face recommendations and long-term customers.

Coordinating all facets of chartering and hiring all types of airplanes around the world, we have associated office in New York and Sydney. Whether private jet, corporate jet, executive jet, airliner oder helikopter, small jet, medium sized jet or medium sized jet - there is a wide selection - let us help you find the most suitable plane for your charters.

Over many years we have established close relations with all major European airlines and our expertise will make sure that your charters run smooth and to your full satisfaction. See our extensive comparison chart for private jet cabin sizes and price guide for private jets, very useful tool to decide which plane is right for your itinerary.

Our company has a great deal of expertise in the field of private plane charters. "Prime Minister has always been first class" to us. Since 1985 we have been working with their CEO and hope that they will continue to answer our phone conversations. And Adrian and his crew are the best."

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A private jet charters can make all the difference. </ i>. Regular flights have become something special, with lateness and traffic jams that rob you of your controls and much needed travelers. You are responsible for your private jet charters - our timetable is tailored to you. There are no more waiting lines, no more problems, no more unending delay.

Let us guide you through the safety check and get you in the air in less than ten seconds. Take a flight from the airport of your dreams, perhaps just a few moments from your home or work. As soon as your get-together is over, your private plane will be ready.

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